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Discounts Are For The Mall, Life Is Not Meant To Be Lived Half-Off.

Hello Beautiful,

Are you a woman who wants to declare #IPayMyOwnBills?
I think you know by now I’m not messing around and neither should you.
Collaborations, comments or constructive criticisms?
Darling, Bring IT ON!
Women often spend 85% of their time on tasks that DON’T generate enough money to get them ahead financially.
Time is the one thing in the world that everyone wants more of, but can never purchase. It is the most valuable commodity in the world. And as they say, time is money!
You want MORE MONEY, it starts with getting ruthless with your time.
Let me show you how to use your time to overcome ANY obstacle and put dollars in your wallet. Aren’t you tired of worrying about money?
Remember, I’m the girl that overcame every financial hardship you can possibly imagine.
AND PARENT-LESS (Getting aged out of the foster care system at 18 years old was no joke)
Stop following people who keep you right where you’re at.
I only need 30 minutes to teach you a mindset make-over that will enable you to master the money game and get your wealth on track. You’ll be a #GirlGoneWealthy!

For a limited time only you can join me for Girl Power Hour & let’s talk about making YOU a Powerful, Playful AND Profitable Feminine Leader!

It’s Complimentary & Chic! Sign up today at support(@)SellingINStilettos.com and The Glam Squad Coordinator will get back to you shortly.


Ungenita Prevost

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