Shopping Sprees, Mansion Parties, Yachts, Private Jets & International Sight Seeing (Sounds like my life…)

I make money with my brain, NOT on my back. But according to Tag the Sponsor, that may not be the case for some of the  “Insta-models”  flaunting their million dollar lifestyles.

I don’t agree with the manner “Tag the Sponsor” is delivering their message. The language is offensive and quite frankly demeans women. When I ignored the offensive language and tone I found humor in the truth… regarding the fact that our culture now celebrates jobless “Insta-models” who clearly are making money in ways that on the surface seem glamorous, yet are really questionable.

If only “Tag The Sponsor” were more respectful about delivering this information, it might help to attract millions of curious women who want to learn more about these girls ‘glamorous lifestyles’ without being turned off by the offensive language. This way the message reaches the masses and helps expose this troubling trend, posting sexy selfies is pushing the feminine empowerment pendulum back to the 18th  century.

I hope you’re starting to see there’s no light at the end of this toxic tunnel, unless we go counter to the culture. It’s a dark, dreary hole that is sucking us in and suffocating our souls.

“Middle class jobs have disappeared by the millions. US infrastructure is crumbling. Young American women, overwhelmed with student debts, rent, and transportation costs, and nothing but lowly-paid part-time jobs, post on Internet sites their pleas to be made mistresses of men with sufficient means to help them with their bills. This is the image of a Third World country.”

~ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (the father of Reaganomics)

Speculation is swirling around the internet stating concierge services reach out to  “Insta-models”  and act as liaisons. They are (allegedly) sponsored to jet set to exotic destinations around the world, rumored to be paid $10,000-$50,000. Could this be true?

Or could this be the ramifications of a  Kardashian dictatorship ?





Let’s face it our girl Kim Kardashian turned taking sexy selfies into an art form and if we add the zeros in her bank account, it definitely worked for her, BUT  I want to be utterly clear, it’s NOT going to work for us!

Pay for play transactions are not in my #TripleThreat curriculum.

There is nothing wrong with accepting lavish gifts from your husband, boyfriend or a guy you’re dating, been there done that.  But when the envelope is pushed for sadistic pleasure and young women are stamped with long term psychological damage, moral degeneracy is signed, sealed and damaged goods are delivered. I got the memo and I highly suggest we keep our legs closed, mouth shut and stop trying to leverage our (outer) assets via a smartphone and focus on our value within.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Pretty, Smart & Successful…

“If Tag the Sponsor doesn’t convince you that we’ve slid all the way to Gomorrah, nothing will. Here we have an entire class of women who are so lacking in decency that they’ll shove salmon up their vaginas so they can afford to shop… A civilization where women sell themselves—not even to survive, but for frivolous luxury items— is a civilization in terminal decline.”  ~ Matt Forney

Shocking right?

From Millennials to even Baby Boomers, women of all ages are engaging in the “Insecure Selfie Movement” It’s time we put down our smartphones and utilize our time with more productive behavior & income producing activities.

  • Read a book
  • Organize your finances
  • Write down your goals
  • Learn a new trade
  • Sharpen your skills
  • Find a career that inspires you
  • Invest in self-development tools
  • Start a business
  • Makeover your mind
  • Be a #GOALDigger


Am I saying to stop taking photos? No, just the narcissistic ones that make us look tired & thirsty.

Yummy Mummy’s have jumped on the sexy selfie look at me bandwagon. Do kids really need to see Mom striking a pose for a sexy selfie? “I want the world to tell me I’m HOT.”

Social media is an opportunity to be transparent, but some things are better left opaque.

Millennials are at the epicenter of the “Insecure Selfie Movement” and may not wish to live life without ‘likes’, but what about generation Z (Born: 1995-2012) sitting on the side lines watching? Are they going to start posting sexy selfies to prove their self-worth too?  #NOTCute

I think it’s time for this #JetSettingGirl to bring this post in for a landing…

Ungenita Don’t Be a Hater (I’m NOT):

There’s no reason for me to roll my eyes about their luxurious lifestyles. I’m the girl that shouts do ‘good’ in the world, make a lot of green and live a glamorous life. I’ve had my share of seven, eight and nine figure suitors and continue to be pursued by high net worth gentlemen to this day.

Again, I have a strong conviction to use my God given talents, skills & not solely rely on my sex appeal. My mission has always been to empower and educate women. I am the first to compliment a woman for her brains, beauty and business acumen. I call it  # TripleThreat  AND  # SellingINStilettos

I know people will be quick to throw shade, so I want to be abundantly clear. Please don’t get it twisted. I’m the typical girly girl that loves to flirt, flaunt and have fun.

BUT, I happen to…

Love going to happy hour with my girls AND reading books.

Love weaving my hair AND being the quintessential “Pen Up Girl” (I get paid to write).

Love makeup, getting dolled up AND giving myself a mindset makeover.

FYI… AND if I wanted to I could do “THINGS” that could BREAK the Internet too.

Ungenita Are You Being Hypocritical? (I’m NOT):

Again, I’m not a High Priestess claiming to the world I’m a pillar of perfection. I will admit my head and heart are aligned…89% of the time. I am  #PerfectlyImperfect

Have I taken a sexy selfie? YES! (I kept them private too…)

Have I taken sexy photos personally and professionally? YES, and will continue to take pictures in the manner in which they were originally intended.

Have I made mistakes in my twenties and displayed less than stellar behavior? ABSOLUTELY…I’d like to think I leveraged those lessons.

Am I going to recycle my bikinis? NO, but I will continue to strike a pose. I just won’t be posting sexy selfies of me sticking my bottom out and baring it all.

Just know displaying my body for public consumption is not the road for me to garner more bank deposits.

Have I made money with my body? LOTS OF DOLLARS…for heaven sakes I was a  Hollywood Body Double , ‘strutted my stuff’ in rap videos and danced in clubs too. I’ve come a long way, baby.

AND, unlike the status quo of “Insta-haters” and safety monitor advocates, it would be easy for me to make the shift in 30 seconds. I have nothing to hide. I LOVE my body and love what I see when I bare it all in front of the mirror. I’m just not seeking approval from people that could give a damn about me or my movement.

Now I know I will ruffle some feathers. Sharing your views with the world is not for the faint-hearted.  I’ve been attacked by mean spirited, insecure women before but I know who I am and I know what I was put on this earth to do.

When you look at the state of the world, it might be easy to say, these women don’t have options, for me it’s about offering them a  fresh perspective and elegant solutions . This is not the only road to the glamorous life (I would know). I work with women every day showing them how to use their assets on the inside to get what they want on the outside. Financially independent and self-sufficient is what I want to go viral!

Ungenita: Are You Taking Down Your Social Media Profiles? (I’m NOT):

I made a living managing social media accounts for brands and high profile celebrities. I collect hash tags like stilettos, accessories and handbags. I even created my own  Social Media Style   infographic. Social Media transformed my social calendar. I have a #PowerPosse ~ #PlatinumRolodex ~ you name it. I’ve met amazing people all over the world, forged business opportunities and trained women on three continents, from Africa to Europe and Asia. I would not have been able to do that without this platform. So I will continue to do my thing on 
Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. And I think you know by now my Instagram account is not open for risky business.


I’d rather 10,000,000 people watch my You Tube videos on perfecting their potential vs liking a sexy selfie. Not to mention, looking at a sexy selfie of me is not going to add any value to your life. It might motivate you to go to the gym though. I can live life without “likes”.  My power doesn’t lie in a like button…

Oh, and here’s the song ‘Nothing but Trouble’, it’s the un-official,  “Insta-model”  song… Enjoy!

Powerful, Playful & Profitable,



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