Turn Heads While You Turn Your Life Around

You ever notice how fast celebrities like Rihanna, Katie Perry & Beyonce change their hairstyles?

Wearing a wig no longer means that you don’t have hair or that you’re old!  It means you are trendy and like versatility. The notion that wigs are for grandmas only is a thing of the past. Wigs became more and more attractive to younger women in the early 2000’s once Tyra Banks revealed the celebrity hair secret of lace front wigs. Lace fronts give off a natural appearance and women have the ability to do more with them than they can do with a traditional sewn in weave. Lace fronts can be parted anywhere in the front, worn in a ponytail and can be worn over and over again. They are perfect for hair emergencies.  Wigs are for women who are trendy and like to change their style constantly without damaging their real hair.

In today’s fast paced society young women desire something quick and easy. Therefore spending your entire Saturday in the salon is no longer considered a treat; it’s now a very daunting chore. Girls “gotta” have something quick and convenient. More importantly, if you want to keep more strands on your head, you will beat up the wig as opposed to damaging your real hair. Wigs can be cut, colored, dyed and styled as desired.  For this reason, your real hair is damage free.

Wigs are a wonderful form of protective styling. Many celebrities have shown that wigs have actually helped to grown their hair because it protects their real hair from the grueling day to day styling they have to endure. 

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s the list of celebrities that grow their hair overnight…with wigs.

  • Beyonce 
  • Rihanna 
  • Nicki Minaj 
  • Katie Perry 
  • Miley Cyrus 
  • Elle Varner 
  • Kelly Rowland 
  • Lady Gaga 
  • Adele 
  • Brittney Spears 
  • Ashley Benson 

YouTube has had a significant influence on both lace front wigs and U-part wigs. Through the YouTube community wig wearers and hairstylists became more and more comfy sharing their beauty secrets with the world.

The u-part sensation created a buzz because YouTube experts not only showed how to apply them but they showed how to make them. U part wigs act as an instant weave. It gives the illusion that the client is wearing a partial weave so the client is able to have a natural part and blend their real hair with their U part. Another form of protective styling and it significantly reduces styling time. It takes under ten minutes to install a pre-styled u-part wig. U-part wigs are now popular among avid weave wearers.

We can’t mention wigs and not mention reality TV. A lot of reality shows have given us the inside scoop on wigs and hair pieces. Shows like, The Real Housewives series, The Braxton Family Values and LA Hair starring celebrity stylist Kim Kimble have addressed the importance of owning a wig. If you desire a celebrity look for less, this is a great alternative. Not to mention, a high quality wig, can last a year or longer. A quality human hair wig can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to the cost of a brand new car! The average cost is about $300.00. If you do the math it actually is less expensive than grabbing needle, thread and sewing a weave. 

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A Note About The Author:

Yondel is a Millennial Woman taking over the hair industry. As a wig designer and educator. She creates high quality customized pieces. Yondel has been messing with tresses since the 7th grade. She decided to turn her passion for hair into an empire by creating Queens of Wigs. She educates others on how to make wigs and most importantly how to maintain your real hair underneath the wig. Yondel specializes in, handmade wigs known as her majesty wig line and lace wigs. Check her on Twitter @TheWigTeacher