Come clean with us!  

When was the last time that you actually cleaned your makeup brushes?  

Believe it or not, even the slightest residue of makeup; both of the liquid and dry form can create build up, and when the brushes come in contact with your skin, it can also collect oils and dirt that can turn your beloved brush set into a breeding ground for bacteria.  That’s why it’s extremely important to know how to clean your makeup brushes as a part of your regular makeup routine. Most experts suggest cleaning your brushes once a week for heavy, everyday makeup wearers, but the general rule is that washing them once a month is just as fine. 

Knowing the proper way to clean your makeup brushes is the key to keeping them fresh and in good shape.  My favorite brush cleaning product is MAC brush cleaner, but there are other great brush shampoos out on the market. When you’re looking into how to clean your makeup brushes, if you’re on a PoshONPennies® budget, you can simply dip the brush in warm soapy water mixed with a mild shampoo; (either a baby shampoo or a gentle clarifying one) in a shallow bowl, and then roll it in your hand or paper towel until it lathers.  

After that, rinse each brush again with warm water, until the water runs clear, and then blot the brush with a clean towel until there is no residue left on the towel, and either lay them flat on a paper towel to dry or use your blow dryer on a low setting to gently dry the brushes. 

The most suspecting culprit of hard to clean makeup brushes is our beloved mascara wand, so be on the lookout for lumps and clumps.  There’s really no easy way to know how to clean your makeup brushes when it comes to the mascara wand.  You don’t want to get an eye infection trying to look good by putting on some makeup, but there’s really no easy way to clean your makeup brushes from the mascara tube.  

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that you replace your mascara every three months after you’ve opened a new one.  To make the most out of your 90 days with the same mascara tube, make sure after each application, you remove any residue on the lid of the tube and seal it tightly to avoid heat and moisture.  Try to also refrain from double dipping the brush back into the tube and never try to mix mascara brands with the same wand, as it can easily transfer bacteria over, or expose the product to extra air bubbles that only advance mascara drying out. 

So ladies, remember, when it comes to knowing how to clean your makeup brushes, think about having high standards and making it a part of your regular routine to do a little cleaning each month in order to keep you looking your best and having your tools in tip-top shape to getting you there.