Style That Can’t Be Copied

  1. Nude Bra – A nude bra is a great choice for most type of outfits. It is usually worn with finer, whiter, or sheer fabrics so that your outfit of choice, as well as your personal style, come across as good as they were designed to, without the hassle of having the bra showing through. Make sure it fits you comfortably and that the tone is close to your own personal skin tone.
  2. Black Bra – A black bra is definitely a must: either for a special romantic evening or just to wear with most types of black and dark-colored clothing. It can be strapped to use with strapped tops and dresses or strapless depending on your choice of attire. In any case, make sure it is rightly fitted and you’ll find it doing wonders for your appeal and confidence.
  3. Spanx –Spanx is an undergarment specifically made to “keep everything together”. It is meant to be worn under dresses or pants to minimize underwear marks and to compress some of that extra which you don’t want the world to know about. Even celebrities wear it in red carpet events, and it certainly enhances female figure.
  4. White Dress Shirt – wanted for its versatility, the white dress shirt can be worn with a suit for a professional-looking outcome, but also casually with, per example, jeans and a sweater. It can also be great to wear over your bikini in beach or pool days.
  5. Striped/Print shirt – it is a great choice for those days when you don’t have the patience to carefully plan an outfit, yet still want to look your best. Pay attention to how the stripes work to change the visual effect of your body and you will be good to go.
  6. Light Denim Jeans – Even though jeans are an undeniable everyday fashion landmark, make sure you’re choosing the right ones for your body-type.Light jeans are especially indicated to thinner legs, since light colors then to attract attention.
  7. Dark Denim Jeans – Wear them with a fun or light-colored shirt to attract attention to the upper body area instead of the lower.
  8. Colored Jeans – these types of jeans can suit any body type depending on their cut. Make sure you pay attention to the size of the pockets(approximately your hand size being the best for back pockets and short to false pockets on the front). They are also best worn with low heels or flats.
  9. Leggings –not to be worn as pants, leggings can help you enhance, elongate and shape your legs to your will. Make sure you pick the right pattern and that your bottom stays covered, with skirts, shorts, or even long shirts.
  10. Khakis and Chinos – This is a type of pants most preferred by those who, while wanting trust-able and comfortable clothing, are not fond of denim. These pants can be worn on a work or casual basis depending on the type of accessories they are matched with.
  11. Tank Tops – Tank tops are more suited towards casual clothing,per example with a leather or denim jacket. They are also suited for gym and sportswear.
  12. Chambray Shirt – Another extremely versatile piece, this type of shirt can be easily worn open over a top, like alight jacket, or paired with jeans for an effortless look.
  13. Tunic – tunics were originally adopted from the Greeks by the Romans. It was worn by citizens and non-citizens alike, and the wearer’s status was indicated through the tunic’s weight, width, ornamentation, length and materials. Likewise, one can wear tunics in a variety of situations,ranging from beach wear to professional and formal wear depending on the quality and design of the piece itself.
  14. Professional suit – A good, well-made,well-fitted suit is the truly timeless piece. Have it custom-made or, if you can’t afford such, you can always arrange for a seamstress to adjust your chosen suit. Perhaps it would be a good idea to pick a dark fabric with little to no pattern embellishments and use it with good accessories or a stronger type of shirt. Classic and timelessness work best, but choose what you feel is right for you.
  15. Little Black Dress – A little black dress, or LBD, as some people call it, should be one of
  16. Top Priority Article Of Clothing – It is usually a short dress with a simple cut, which can be used with a jacket and simpler accessories for work and day time, while also being possible to wear it in a special event by adding other, more ornate embellishments. Always make sure it is as simple as possible and not part of a specific trend, and make sure it is a quality article.
  17. Baby Doll Dress – A baby doll is usually a short and loose type of nightwear for women that sometimes has cups for added cleavage visual impact. It is often made of translucent or sheer fabrics and decorated with elements like ruffles, laces, fur, bows and ribbons.There are also day wear dresses of similar style, the baby-doll dresses, which are inspired in infant and doll dresses.
  18. A-line skirt – A-line skirts are usually fitted at the upper hip and widen towards the hem. They suit most body types, depending on the length intended and colors of the used fabrics. 
  19. Maxi skirt – A floor-length skirt that can be matched with a good upper part can be part of a very formal or very casual attire, depending on the intended style. Maxi skirts can be used to elongate one’s silhouette while giving an effortless yet classy look.
  20. Fitted Coat/ Trench Coat – A trench coat can be used for multiple situations, professional or casual, be it fall or winter. Make sure to choose one with a removable or changeable lining so it can be made even more adaptable to weather conditions.
  21. Sharp Blazer – if you want to look professional and serious yet think that a full suit is just too much, a blazer might just be the right choice. Blazers give you a polished look for working environment while also being versatile enough for casual wear depending on the combination of different clothing pieces and accessories in an outfit.
  22. Leather Jacket – A leather jacket,while being considered too aggressive by many women, can be a great statement-piece all by itself. Depending on the cut and details of the piece,it can give a truly edgy look to an otherwise simple style.
  23. Cardigan Sweater – A knit garment especially made for those times when it is too cold to wear just a shirt, but not yet cold enough for heavier jackets like blazers and leathers. It is a comfortable and casual-oriented piece, however it can also be suited for work in less strict environments.
  24. Animal Print Silk Scarf – A silk printed scarf is a great way to show your personality even in the strictest of conditions. Be sure that it is a good quality scarf and choose the print carefully to avoid “cheap” looks. You can combine the scarf with accessories of similar or contrasting colors, but be care full not to overdo it, since animal print specifically can easily sway from “fun” to “classy” to “just too much”
  25. Pashmina – A pashmina scarf has a great variety of practical uses, since it can be worn around your head in cold days (or just for a mysterious look), it can be worn in your shoulders when your cold, and you can create a whole variety of styles to better suit your tastes and needs. The print can be as simple or as intricate as you like, and makes a difference inmost outfits. Pashmina scarves were traditionally made from the fibers in Pashmina goat wool, however there are now scarves made with different materials that are given the same name.
  26. Thin Belt – thin belts are best for adding an extra touch to any type of pants, enhancing the hip region and making a simple shirt-and-pants outfit to look a bit more visually interesting. They are also great for holding in place pants or skirts that due to special design or fitting tend to slide in the body.
  27. Wide Belt – Wide belts are usually best worn to cinch up the waist and create a more hourglass-like silhouette. They can be worn with tight shirts or dresses to draw more attention to the waistline, over loose dresses to enhance the overall look, or even over coats.
  28. Bangle/Bracelet – A bracelet is a kind of accessory to be worn around the wrist, in order to complete an outfit.Depending on its design, it either draws or draws away attention from the hand and arm. For more practicality, some women find it preferable to wear an especially designed watch instead.
  29. Stud Earrings – Stud earrings are the small, classic style of earrings. They are a fine fit for any type of women, since they usually give an elegant yet discreet look to the wearer.
  30. Ballerina Flats – Ballerina flats are a comfortable way to remain stylish in those days when heels aren’t either appropriate, necessary or wanted. They are often considered part of a romantic look.
  31. Sexy Black Boots – Boots are considered by some to be the best type of winter footwear, but if you add “black” and“sexy” to the mix, the result is just perfect. A pair of good black boots can give an extreme confidence boost to any woman and that is the best beauty element anyone can have.
  32. Black Heels – shoes or sandals, black heels always add uniqueness to an outfit and give a polished finish to any look.
  33. Nude Heels – Nude heels can simplify a look while at the same time delivering a certain romantic feel to it. The difference between nude and black heels might not seem relevant at first but if you compare both using the same dress you will notice it, and a particularly good example of it is that while a simple black dress with black heels can incline towards being “edgy” or“daring”, the same dress in nude heels would probably have a more discreet appeal towards it. 
  34. Satchel Handbag – A satchel handbag is definitely a must-have, since everyday life requires us to carry a lot of different personal items, and women’s clothes rarely have enough pockets for much of them. A satchel bag is spacious enough to carry everyday items like phones,wallets, makeup kits, notebooks and many others. Some women even carry a pair of ballerina flats in their bags so that they can switch from heels in an emergency.
  35. Metallic Clutch – A metallic clutch isa special kind of bag made for more formal events, its smaller size being enough to carry essential items (like keys, cards, phone), tough not much more,but they are used in events where a satchel bag would not seem appropriate.

Bonus: Confidence – If you look at yourself in the mirror and feel ready to face the world, that positive glow will show through you and turn you into the most beautiful woman in the world.