You want to look hot…

You want to turn heads…

You want to say I’m worth more than a Million Dollars…

Time for #FacePainting

Adding some color to your eyes is the ultimate beauty fix for instant glam.  If you’re looking for dramatic eyes that memorize, having the skills and tools for knowing how to apply eye shadow correctly are the basics to achieving a “Billion Dollar Look”. 

Here are a few eye shadow tips and tricks that will have guys staring at you:

The first step, after you wash your face, is to prime your eyes with eye shadow primer.  Smashbox makes an amazing product, but I personally prefer Urban Decay’s Eye shadow Primer in Original.  Next, pick out your eye shadow colors.  Basically you want a dark shade, a medium shade, and a light neutral shade for highlighting.  I like the bright eye shadow colors from Make Up For Ever, but also have a lot of colors from Mac like Ungenita.  

For every day wear, I use my Urban Decay Naked Eye shadow palette, because it has a lot of neutral eye shadow shades that I can wear around the office.  Makeup tools are an integral part of every girl’s beauty regimen.  The right tools will make or break your eye shadow blending technique, in less than 60 seconds. Girl, go for quality and quantity.

I present today…

TOOLS: 6 must have eye shadow brushes you can’t leave the makeup counter without;

  1. sponge tip applicator brush
  2. flat stiff brush for patting on color
  3. outer V brush for contouring the outer corner of the eye
  4. eyeliner/pencil brush for color on the lash line
  5. blending or crease brush
  6. stiff dome brush for creating smoky eye appearance.  

Mac and Bobby Brown have great makeup brushes, but I also like the Sonia Kashuk brushes at Target that are sold at crazy PoshONPennies® prices.   I use her amazing bent eyeliner brush every day. Her Essential Eye Kit which includes 5 brushes to line, crease, sponge or smudge your makeup. It’s available online in a cute cosmetic bag for less than $12.

You know the where, now let’s move on to the how.

When applying eye shadow, use a soft light neutral color for your base.  Apply it all over your lid, and use your blending blush to spread evenly.  Then, use a sponge tipped application brush to put your medium color on your lid.  Use the lighter of the two colors on your lid, and use the “V” brush to put the darker color on the corners of your eyes.

Blend It Like You Mean It

Back to the blending brush, start blending your eye shadow making the colors gradient; from light to dark. The key tips to eye shadow blending are to soften out any harsh or uneven lines.  It’s best to blend from the innermost corner of your eye and color the contour of your eye shadow on your lid out to the opposite end of your eye in a back and forth motion, almost like a windshield wiper. Remember to blend the colors together, even if you use eye contouring around the corner of your eyes or are lining your creases.  It gives you a softer and more polished look when you blend away harsh lines. 

So, if you want your eyes to go from drab to fab, grab a set of brushes and start playing with color to achieve your “Billion Dollar Look”.