A Decorative Dome

When my 8th grade dance teacher walked into class with leopard print hair, I thought I had seen it all. It was cut, dyed, bleached and seemed to last the entire school year. Now, I believe I have been pretty brave with hairstyles myself, [one time having a bright orange bowl-cut for a Tony & Guy hair show and another time wearing nearly 5 pounds of jet-black braided-extensions long enough to sit on] but the idea of cutting, dying and bleaching my hair to showoff a fiery animal print nowadays seems like too much of a commitment for me.

Although I have somewhat outgrown my wild hair stage [don’t quote me on this if you see me walking down the street with an Avant-garde art piece on my head], some risky-spirited, full or partially shaved-headed people have a new product to play with that lets them change up their look as often as they shower.

GraffEtch carries colored cosmetic pencils to combine graffiti art with barber etchings for temporary statement looks. Founder Linda Eisner developed the line to enhance the creative designs already being cut into men and women’s hair. She says that the colors won’t run and have a smooth and creamy application. Linda formulated the pencils sensitive enough to avoid irritation on newly shaved scalps.

Also, remember that color wheel we all learned in grades school? You know, blue plus yellow equals green? Well, you can put that to good use with this kit of 8 easy-to-blend colors.Each pencil is 7-inches long with a built in sharpener on every cap. Ladies, you know how aggravating it is when you need to sharpen your eye liner pencil and it’s harder to find then that one sock that always goes missing in the dryer? Well, Linda had that in mind for a stress free process. I am all about self-expression and applaud creating new canvases to exhibit your art. So use that noggin of yours and get drawing. Pun intended.


Pen Up Girl: A fresh imagery-driven perspective and a knack for storytelling, Los Angeles-based writer Elana Kluner has been creating internationally since 2008 for magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites,advertisements, fashion labels and beauty brands. As a dancer and choreographer, her words have an engaging rhythm and her audience coins her voice as being humorous, witty, lighthearted and relatable. Her work has been published in the likes of M2Women Magazine, Kreativ Mindz Magazine, DANZ Quarterly, Central Leader, Western Leader, The Other Duck and Spa Violet. Elana studied Journalism and Creative Writing at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.