Would you consider yourself a #Green ThumbGirl ?

I can vividly remember the day, I moved into my tres chic apartment in North Hollywood and being the high achiever that I am, I thought it was time to take my decorating skills to the next level. I was inspired to add real plants to my artificial collection, so I strutted down to the Nursery and bought myself a #PrettyPlant . I didn’t know the difference between Annuals or Perennials, and I left with an Ivy indoor plant, in a gold pot and placed it outside my front door (I didn’t know). Its okay if you laugh and shake your head, I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I wasn’t born with a “green thumb in my mouth” (unless you’re talking about money).

Not only did I have to go back to replace that plant for a second, but also third time. You see, I thought it was the plant, but it was MOI and the 80+ Degree weather in Los Angeles.  With the Nursery’s return policy, I was able to return each wilted plant for a new one until the sales associate schooled me. There’s a reason they call them indoor plants. Understanding the how, when and where of watering plants and their proximity to the sun, is the first thing I would have learned if I took Gardening 101 (but I didn’t). 

Over the years I put forth the effort and learned a little bit more about indoor plants. Today, the only real plants I invite to hang out in my house are Orchids, Lucky Bamboo and Bromeliad. They are low maintenance and you only have to water every few days.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re not a #GreenThumbGirl but leave it up to me to dig up some solutions. Here’s what I recommend, visit your local nursery and learn about Annuals & Perennials before you swipe your debit card. 

Houseplants add unstoppable living beauty to the inside of your home. If the thought of taking care of a houseplant scares you like walking through the mall with a wad of cash , it’s okay to fake it and buy yourself  a gorgeous silk plant or artificial flowers, BUT take your time and  focus on quality. Some of them “Look Fake” and the rule of thumb: “Don’t Buy A Fake That Looks Like A Fake”!

Michael’s is responsible for fulfilling my mission. They have a great selection year round and during the holidays, you can find some gorgeous artificial flowers for your wreath or Xmas Tree.  If you don’t have one near you, visit Home Goods, or Jo Ann’s Fabric & Craft stores to create custom bouquets and arrangements.  And if you’re a modern day Martha Stewart and prefer your plants to be uprooted from the ground and straight to your house, knock yourself out in the nursery.  Moving forward, I embraced my strong suits and partnering with Mother Nature in that capacity is not one of them.

Gardening is growing as the #1 hobby in America, with 5 million more households digging in and planting than in 2010, driven by Millennials’ interest in edible gardening according to the 2013 National Gardening Survey. And to top it off, 80 percent of gardeners aged 18-30 purchase vegetables to grow, according to the 2014 Home Garden Panel by Metrolina Greenhouses, the nation’s largest greenhouse.

Growing your own food is a smart move, the fake food being distributed in this country, not cute!

Beauty, Wealth &Success,