Put An Extra AVOCA-‘DO In Your Shopping Cart

Goldie Locks was my childhood nickname. Long, luscious, light-brown ringlets waved down my shoulders and bounced off my waist .   Hairdressers would tell me their clients pay hundreds of dollars to achieve that look. All I had to do was scrunch my eyes when my mom would comb through my tangles. But as soon as I became a teenager,I did what any rebellious juvenile would do. Completely and utterly screw it up. Bleach, dye, streak, shave, chop,trim, perm, straighten, curl, fry, run it over with a tractor, light it on fire with a blowtorch.  

Okay, you get the point. This continued through my early adulthood until one day when I wanted my natural,beautiful, salubrious hair back and had to suffer the consequences. This past year has been a journey back to health and I am always seeking out new ways to revive this mane of mine. I received an email the other day with a link to an Elle article regarding how to get Kardashian hair with an Avocado . Well, I love avocados, I would kill for the ‘Dash hair, and Elle can understudy as a bible as far as I’m concerned(along with Vogue and a few others), so I’m going to give it a go. Let’s soak it up together shall we?

You’ll need an avocado,1 cup of coconut milk, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup or honey, and some optional drops of lemon oil. Elle suggests doing this in a blender and applying the mask using a comb and a squeeze bottle, but if you’re like me, let’s just do the bootleg version and mix it in a bowl and apply that gunk with our mighty ol’ bare hands. Run your fingers through your locks to saturate every strand. Throw your hair up in a bun and, if you have a shower cap, cover up. Lick off the leftovers and leave your self-made-spa-‘do for fifteen minutes . Once time is up, wash and style your hair as normal. Now let’s go prance around and let the wind blow through our newly rejuvenated, shiny Kardashian hair . But first, let’s make a snack plate. All this food talk has got me hungry.

-Elana Kluner

Pen Up Girl: A fresh imagery-driven perspective and a knack for storytelling, Los Angeles-based writer Elana Kluner has been creating internationally since 2008 for magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites,advertisements, fashion labels and beauty brands. As a dancer and choreographer, her words have an engaging rhythm and her audience coins her voice as being humorous, witty, lighthearted and relatable. Her work has been published in the likes of M2Women Magazine, Kreativ Mindz Magazine, DANZ Quarterly, Central Leader, Western Leader, The Other Duck and Spa Violet. Elana studied Journalism and Creative Writing at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.