Beauty it’s not just vanity, it’s valuing yourself.

When I was 12 years old, my mother bought me pink lacey lingerie and a matching silk robe from France. In no means was it an encouragement gift to start hanging out with boys, I mean I was barely out of elementary school, but she understood the importance of owning nice underwear. Although nobody saw it but me, it made me feel beautiful, classy and confident. Even though I learned this at a young age, somehow this simple concept managed to slip my mind as of recently.

The other day, as I was undressing for my massage, I realized that the back of my panties had a huge hole right below the tag. Clearly, I hadn’t taken care of them and just threw them in the wash, mindlessly forgetting about the gentle cycle. And I have to admit, I’ve had them for a number of years so I already knew about this hole. I usually just use them for exercise or under a pair of jeans on a day when I know they won’t be seen. But this day was different.  Normally I would go in the nude for a massage, but it was that time of the month and I didn’t want to take them off, so I just hid under the sheets, tucked my face into the headrest and hoped for the best. When the therapist came in, he had to pull the sheets down to work on my back and glutes. Evidently, he had front row seats to the “hole” show. I cringed. How embarrassing!

This would not have happened had I never even had the option to put those raggedy things on! Which brings me to the topic at hand (or hips):

Cleaning out your underwear drawer.

Imagine if you only owned magnificent pieces. It would be impossible to get caught in a panty predicament. Women’s empowerment coach Paula Lacobara says it’s “essential for a woman to own gorgeous lingerie in order to connect with her femininity and beauty”.   


I completely agree. We all know how to put on a sexy black set for date night, but what about the rest of our time, for ourselves? We would never be caught dead walking around in a scruffy stained shirt, so why would we subject our most intimate apparel to such ridicule. I know that sounds all so dramatic, but really… think about it! You want to be a powerhouse from head to toe, inside to outside. It’s the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off… so make it marvelous!

We all know that feeling of opening up our closet and grunting, “ugh, I have nothing to wear, I hate my clothes”.  So you go shopping and refill it with those fantastic pieces from the new line at your favorite store. Now, when you open your closet, you feel on top of the world! All of a sudden, your planner starts filling up with events, dates, and meetings that you actually want to go to, because DUH… you have something fabulous to put on! Imagine what it would be like if your panty drawer looked that beautiful?

Almost a Yes is a No!

My mom also taught me a valuable lesson that applies to both clothes and life. If you aren’t 100% on it, it’s got to go! That means no making excuses for it like “but, I like to wear them to bed” or “those are good period panties” or “maybe if I need to do laundry…” NO! Paula Lacobara says “get rid of panties that have loose elastics, elastics hanging out, stains, holes or any that don’t make you feel beautiful when you wear them”.

Paula Lacobara recommends replacing old underwear with new lacey numbers. And if comfort is on your mind, don’t think you’re off the hook. Panties are supposed to FEEL GOOD so pick out ones that fit you well, look beautiful and make you feel like a lingerie model. A great pair of panties is an instant confident booster!

And since we are all about doing things economically over here… a drawer full of jewels doesn’t have to cost you diamonds and gold. Stick to smaller collections. Quality over Quantity. Also, do your research. You don’t have to shop at the most expensive places. I’ve found plenty of gems in department stores. The moral of the story is, keep it simple and sexy.  Because after all… it’s what’s underneath that counts. 😉