“I only apply wax to one area on my body”.

Do you pluck your own eyebrows?  We’ll admit the convenience (and price!) is nice.  You don’t have to wait at a salon, and you don’t have to pay anything.  Once you make your initial investment in a pair of tweezers, all it takes is time, patience, and the strength to inflict a little pain on yourself for the sake of beauty.  However, most of you already know what a nuisance plucking can be:  you have to be vigilant, checking your brows daily to remove any new growth.

That’s why many women prefer to have their brows waxed.  Waxing can cost as little as $8 a pop (bikini waxing not included).  The results last a lot longer than plucking, and when hairs do grow back, they’re finer.  The bad news, though, is it can cause a lot of redness and irritation, and while the results later are nice, a lot of women avoid waxing because they don’t want to deal with the after-effects.  We go to a salon to feel pampered and cared for and feeling sore for hours after leaving does not make us feel like we were spoiled, much less beautiful.

There’s an alternative to both of these methods.  Threading is a technique that’s been around for a long time.  It originated in India, but it’s growing in popularity in the United States as a less painful method of hair removal.  It can cost as little as $6-$8 a visit, and the results last longer than both tweezing and waxing.  Like waxing, hairs grow back finer.  Threading also involves greater precision—it removes several hairs at once to create a shape that’s flattering to your face.  Finally, your time in the chair is fast as well, and like waxing, it pulls hairs out by the roots, so time in between treatments can be anywhere from three to four weeks.  And women who have their eyebrows threaded say it’s a lot less painful than both tweezing and waxing.  So what’s not to like?

Considering the cost and the pamper factor, you might consider threading as an alternative way to shape your brows.  Because it’s a method that’s growing in popularity, you’ll just have to do a little searching to find a salon near you, but chances are, once you find someone to thread your brows, you’ll never go back to plucking or waxing.

Pain-Free Beauty Indeed!