Sit Pretty With Drop Dead Gorgeous Table Setting

My plates are trimmed in gold and silver and sit on the most posh place-mats around. You’d think it was Christmas every day at my house, but I’m here to tell you you won’t find Ms Claus hovering over the stove!  

For a girl that only took Cooking 101 , I’m still a Foodie at heart and LOVE creating the right ambiance when I eat. From soft music, candles and flowers (Real OR Fake), presentation is a prerequisite and it doesn’t matter if it’s a salad or a Petite Filet.

You probably took a lot of time and thought unleveling your place, so why not pay attention to even the smallest of details like setting the table when you invite someone over for dinner? 

I’ve met girls that were great cooks, but they didn’t take pride in serving their meals. I wasn’t inspired to sit pretty and feast my eyes on that. In fact, I preferred to take it to go. 

I know how to set a snappy table, thanks to the queen of domestic living, Martha Stewart. If I invited you over for a salad, the table would be set up like a 5-star restaurant upon your arrival, veto the valet. I think eye-catching table design is like a well-accessorized outfit. Sleek, chic and extra glamorous

Start with a solid base, i.e. knowing where to place the fork, knife and spoon, then spice it up with a statement piece, the most stylish napkin holder around. This snazzy style didn’t come without experience, however. Years working with Top Chef’s and hosting 5-Star dinners unleashed the Domestic Diva in me. 

Think about how you can bring your skills from the past into your present. How can your experience and personality transform your décor?

I’m not a big fan of tablecloths; however it’s an economical way to cover a table that’s subpar. Think of it like  a maxi dress after having one too many slices of cake or cupcakes (note to self) the night before. Cover up and comfort a bulging belly.. I mean table.. Back to setting a glamorous table, start with a dinner plate for each guest then stack a salad place on top like a midi ring. Place the salad fork immediately to the left, followed by a dinner fork then a dessert fork. I like to think of the dessert fork as being the easiest to access because it’s what I want to eat first (I have a sweet tooth if you haven’t already noticed). On the right side of the plate goes the soup spoon, small spoon and last but not least the knife… just in case your guest gets on your nerves. Just kidding. If you are serving bread, (carb central..  place the bread and butter plate above the forks and water glasses go directly above the knife and spoons. 

Women Who Wine…

Stagger your red and white wine glasses around the water glass. Yes.. you need both. Wink Wink. I love placing my napkin on the plate. Looks pretty! YouTube some Origami and Vuala

If you’re committed to create a cool and comfortable dinner spot for your guests, here’s what I recommend. First things first, pick the number of people you’re at ease with entertaining. If it’s 4 or 6, your choice, then take inventory. Keep in mind how many courses you normally serve and make sure you have utensils for each course when your guests arrive. Do you have salad plates or just dinner plates? Do you have enough forks, knives or spoons? Do you have serving utensils? 

Now you can start building your collection. Ikea is where dreams come true for a Twenty-Something. They have great selections on silverware and dishes. Sometimes, going to Consignment stores is another option to finding a great selection of fine kitchenware.  

Get yourself a hot deal girl!  Some of my beautiful serving trays & bowls were purchased at Target. Budget, Budget and remember to Budget. You don’t have to buy everything at once, plus it’s more fun to collect over time. 

Don’t feel compelled to buy a whole set, if you know you’re never going to use it. If you’re a creature of habit like me and you’re married to your flatware and don’t like mixing and matching, visit  for replacements. They carry most brands sold at popular Home & Décor stores. An associate at Williams Sonoma referred me after I discovered I was missing a fork and 2 spoons from my 8 piece Provencal set. I guess my guests really liked them!

I don’t like things #MatchyMatchy so I prefer to mix my bowls and plates. For example I have a set of leopard (I love my animal print) bowls that I purchased from Home Goods and I paired them with my Teal plates that I scored at Pier 1. I received Versace Napkin rings as a gift and they coordinate quite nicely with my linen napkins from Z Gallerie. 

Remember its carte blanche to add a #RichPiece to a any PoshONPennies® ensemble.  When guests come to my house they know I’m not serving a “Million Dollar Meal” BUT they know they’re going to get ambiance served on a silver platter! 

Bon Appetite!