You don’t have to be Cinderella to know the benefits of a perfect fit!

How to Buy the Right Shoes For You & Strut In Style…

How many times has this happened to you?  You’ve gone to the shoe store, excited to drop some hard-earned cash on a few pairs of cute shoes.  You try on dozens of pairs,trying to find ones that will match your wardrobe.  When you find the ones you like, you try different sizes to be sure you get the right fit.  The next day, though, you try on one of your new pairs of shoes and they feel loose. You spent that much money and now your shoes don’t fit properly.  So when you exchange the shoes, you decide to go with them a little snug.  And now,months later, your shoes are still too tight, so you stop wearing them.

Isn’t that frustrating?  Would you like to avoid that scenario in the future?  Well, you can.

1. First off,never buy a pair of shoes that feels too tight. How many times have you bought a pair that felt snug, thinking you just had to “break them in”?  But let’s face it—they’ll never be broken in enough to feel comfortable.  If they don’t feel comfortable when you first try them on, chances are they never will. And then you’ll feel guilty about never wearing them.

2.  Don’t just grab a pair of shoes and assume they’ll fit because they’re your size. Take the time to try them on. You’ll be glad you did.  And try them on like you’ll wear them in real life. For example, if you’re trying on running shoes and you’ll be wearing socks when you wear them, use socks when you try them on.  If you’re trying on a pair of heels that you plan to wear with bare feet, use a pair of nylons to determine the proper fit.

3.  Your feet will swell as the day goes on.  Try shoes on later in the day to accommodate that swelling.

You spend a lot on shoes, so you want them to fit well. You’re not just worried about shape and color, because if they’re uncomfortable, you won’t care how cute they are, because you won’t wear them very often.  Spend as much time choosing your shoes and they’ll spend more time on your feet instead of in the closet!