Lay Your Head In A Hot House

Your home serves two purposes, something worth looking at with the functionality that screams warm and inviting. I remember the joys of decorating my first apartment. It was a 500 sq. ft. studio in Burbank adjacent to Warner Bros. Studios. I not only wanted to be a star but I also wanted to live like one, so when it came to decorating I went for the GOLD. But, I lived by PoshONPennies® principals back then, so all of my pieces were secondhand but first class.  

From The Model Home Show to the Recycler, I adhered to my design strategy, shop smart, spend less, and make your home a showpiece. What made it stand out? The Pillows! I made sure my off-white sofa was covered with gorgeous animal print pillows (This girl loves animal prints).  

If you’d like to spend less and ass more sass to an existing space, start off with accent pillows (its okay if you don’t like animal prints).  Decide what color and texture will go with your overall décor; pop open your laptop and start surfing online. You can also get some good ideas by looking at before/after pictures on Home/Décor Blogs like HGTV or Houzz and once you’ve decided on a look, set a budget! If you want 5 pillows and your budget is $100, pick a few stores that you know you can find “Luxe Items for Less.” Some of my favorite  #LuxeForLess pillows were purchased at Home Goods, a partner of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target. Another pro tip that I learned on my decorating journey, avoid shopping on the weekend. Most stores get their merchandise early in the week so Wed/Thurs will have a better selection. Cha-Ching!

Never underestimate how accent pillows can make your place a showpiece. It’s important that you love where you live. If you work at home it should inspire you, yet also be comfortable enough for you to relax and unwind. Like a new pair of shoes your home should be worth showing off too!