“There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else”~ Andrew Carnegie

I love Jennifer Lopez’s song ―Love Don’t Cost A Thing. You can’t put a price tag on love, and you can’t put a price tag on what makes you, YOU.

A brilliant segue to talk about a topic that some believe is a prescription,while others believe it’s a problem. Interesting enough, we are hard wired to seek beauty.

Face it. Beauty is the cause, not the effect.

·  If you wish the perfect job would land in your lap, a stellar image or polishing up your resume might do the trick.

·  Looking for that perfect promotion, I bet beautifying your skills, can pay even more bills.

·  You want to increase your social circle, 55% of your communication skills are based on the way that you look.

How many times have you been hot & bothered about him or her? The effortless way,  she or he sashayed to the top-without an education or efficient track record.




I can goon & on. Dr. Oz suggests you are missing the point, if you won’t admit it to yourself.

“The Billion Dollar Beauty” philosophy is about being the best you can be from the inside out. It’s about setting high standards for YOU.

When you delve into the essence of YOU and perfect your potential, you will not be compelled to compare yourself to others. You will not diminish the value of your God given assets, because you think someone else has more, bigger or better.

When you operate from worth, you will make better choices. You won’t suffer from“Worrying about what other people think syndrome”. It doesn’t mean you won’t have a bad day. You will be better equipped to deal with ALL the ugly stuff.

Beautiful Ugly Things

I have my“Billion Dollar Days” and there are days when I feel more like a measly dollar.

Face Painting + Crocodile Tears= NotCute

I know,though, that moving on with total abandonment is in my best interest, and if it’s a hundred dollar day, then so be it. I’ve learned how to extract beauty from any & every (UGLY) situation.

Billionairess Mindset

Even if we only improve ourselves a fraction of a penny’s worth every day, at the end of the year, we’d have improved ourselves 100%. (I read this in Jeff Olson’s wonderful book, The Slight Edge , which I highly recommend).

Work YourMind

Work YourBody

Work YourSoul (or Spirit too)


So I say,do a penny’s worth of your Inner/Outer Beauty Regimen every day.

And remember if you feel like a million, ten million, one hundred million or half a billion, the value of increase is up to you.

I believe with all my heart, you will be a lot further along than you were before. Small changes daily can bring out “The Billion Dollar Beauty” in YOU.

Beauty,Wealth & Success,