“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

– Winston Churchill

 As much as I love false eyelashes, fashion and a flat stomach, I never get the external twisted. I work ten times more, on the inner MORE than the outer. I stand by the statement, beauty is health made visible. So if you’d like to look really hot or “perfect your potential”. I present my The Ultimate Hotness List!

Strike A Pose: Smile like you’re at a fashion shoot for Vogue. You will feel better and make others want to be around you. Dental Health is also part of your #HotSuccess plan to shine every day of the week. Eating sugary foods or drinks too often without appropriate dental hygiene can lead to poor dental health. I love my electric toothbrush. & oil pulling. Show me your Billion Dollar Smile!

One Size Fits All: For you to be fine, feisty, and fierce, the amount of ORACs from fruits and veggies should total 5,000 daily. I’m serious about antioxidants and whip up a Green Goddess shake every day.

Face Your Success: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Treat & Protect. What is your daily skin care regimen? The most expensive product is not always filled with results. Shop around, compare beauty products in the drug store and department store. You’d be surprised.

One of the first things I learned in Beauty College. Know what products work for your skin type, rinse and repeat the steps AM/PM.. (I started when I was 17 and will always be Forever 21).

Strut: How many times have you’ve been given a compliment and you think to yourself, I’m not 100% today. You exude confidence and it has nothing to do with clothes, make up or the amount you weigh. Check yourself, don’t leave home without it. The #1 accessory a woman wears is not found in her closet.

Eye Candy: Girl Scout honor to moisturize EVERYDAY…Your skin is not synthetic so your moisturizer shouldn’t be. Go for natural on the outside. What you apply to your skin absorbs into your blood stream in less than 30 seconds. We lose water as we get older. The average woman is 50% water, another reason to hydrate daily. Be proactive about your beauty regimen you’ll love your reflection in the mirror!

Dress The Part: The most important role you’ll ever play in life, being YOU. Express your individuality with Fashion. Know what colors look good on you, wear pieces that accentuate all your parts and accessorize from head to toe.

Skin Deep: You are what your skin eats. Beauty is absolutely skin deep. Like a huge diamond, your skin is the largest, most precious, most irreplaceable organ (in your body). In fact, your skin is connected to every system in the body. All must work in synergy for total body health.

Cardiovascular *Digestive*Endocrine *Lymphatic*Muscular*

Nervous System*Reproductive* Skeletal*Urinary* Immune System

Love the skin you’re in and add a daily inner beauty tip (antioxidants) and outer beauty tip (lotion up) to your skin care regimen.

Dine In: Skipping meals, not cute and skipping breakfast could actually cause the numbers on your scale to increase. Eat something like oatmeal, fruit smoothie or cereal with your favorite dairy beverage for breakfast, every day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been partying the night away, up late handling business and slept in. Breakfast will give you energy and keep you from running away from the scale.

The School Girl Look: A beautiful sharp mind is an asset that can raise the temperature on everything you do and lead to #HotSuccess. Read daily & study your craft. Beautiful on  the outside, empty on the inside, is not up for endorsement. Be sexy and smart!

Beauty Water: You can drink your water in a wine glass if you want to feel opulent. You can mix water with lemons & cucumbers, like I did in the Beauty Water video. Drink it however you want, just make certain you are drinking 8, 8 ounce glasses of water a day, or 50% of your body weight, ask yourself did I drink enough water today?

Model Sleeping Beauty: She didn’t mess around with her Beauty Sleep! The modern-day girl may not be able to sleep 10 hours a night, but clock as many as you can and get extra hours in on the weekend. Take time to rest, relax and renew. I live by the motto work hard/play hard. I’m not one to feel guilty about lounging around. I earned it!

Hot Girls Never Sit Pretty: Well maybe they do–once in awhile. But being active is the key to staying fit. If you’re not a fitness fanatic, try 20 minutes a day 3 times a week. A little goes a long way and you can wear skinny jeans 7 days a week, if you stay active. I’ve taken everything from Kick Boxing Classes, Yoga, Pilates, Pole Dancing, Barre, Kettle Bells and the list goes on and on. I love the energy of working out in a group. Find a workout that excites you too!

Soup du Jour: Eating soup is never out of style and you consume fewer calories if you do. My favorites are chicken noodle, chicken gumbo & coconut shrimp.

Detoxify Your Body: Just like spring cleaning or overhauling your wardrobe, the human body needs to be cleaned from the inside/out. I discovered the benefits of a detox years ago. It’s truly amazing, not to mention a healthy way to drop a few pounds fast and look fabulous.

Curb Appeal: I love sweets and will eat cupcakes for the rest of my life, but I give myself a day to cheat, and make sure it doesn’t turn into, a “cheat day every day of the week”. The key to weight loss is to “curb the urge”. Indulge in healthy treats for desert to stay fit & fabulous. Have a cupcake once in awhile!

Polish Please: A mani/pedi is worth it. Pretty hands & feet is part of the package. Hand cream & foot lotion ensures head to toe beauty!

Model Behavior: Think Moderation when it comes to a balanced diet. It’s not carte blanche to eat everything & anything. A balanced diet is crucial for optimum health & a sexy physique. A diet which includes a variety of different foods is more likely to provide all the essential nutrients you need. Count nutrients not calories!   

Your inner beauty list should consist of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for health, a variety of different foods and an unlimited supply of fruits and vegetables. Research has shown, there are other naturally occurring substances in foods, particularly plant foods such as fruits and vegetables which are also beneficial to health.

Meat/Fish/Alternatives*Fruits/Vegetables*Milk/Dairy/Alternatives *Breads/100% Whole Grains

Girl Power: Doing resistance training two times a week ensures a hot body & strong bones. I want long & lean muscles. Do you?  Many women have a fear of building muscle. I understand completely. I don’t want to look like a man. But, if you add a little more muscle to your frame, it will allow you to #1 Lose Fat & #2 Tone Up. Muscle is your secret weapon in the war against fat. It’s natural, it grows without drugs or expensive supplements, it improves the look of your body, and it gives you more energy, keeping fat from accumulating, and it slows down the aging process (Forever 21), since the amount of muscle you have is one of the leading bio markers of aging.

Basic Instinct: A woman’s intuition is a beautiful thing. It’s usually right–go with your instincts, be a #GutTrustingGirl. I can’t tell you how many times I kicked myself (ouch!), because I ignored that little voice inside. When you follow your gut, you feel sexy and there’s nothing hotter than confidence.

What A Girl Wants: It’s all about you, I know it sounds selfish. BUT in order to serve one person or one million, you have to be at your best. Do what makes you feel good inside/out. When you’re happy, you’ll make better choices and look good too!

There you have it, How To Look Really Hot. And remember, there’s only one YOU, make the most of what God gave YOU.

Love, Beauty & Success,