We Present Spring Summer 2016… For Less

You’ve flipped through Vogue thousands of times, you’ve watched New York Fashion Week clips on your tablet, you’ve memorized Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style like scriptures in the bible, you’ve TiVo’d Project Runway so many times you can create Fashion Boards with Heidi Klum’s outfits, but at the end of the day you just want to bring couture to fruition in your closet.

How can you make your style dreams come true? Is it at all possible or are you living a Fashion Fantasy that leads to a nightmare every time you sashay into the mall.

“Fashion Sense Meets Financial Sense”

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 showcased an amplitude of merit lines from emerging to existing designers ranging from Coach, Philip Lim, Michael Kors to Monique Lhuillier and many more. Presented was a true feast for the eyes as spectators reveled in the latest trends to grace the runway. Diversity was at its finest in the annual display and despite being caught in the moment, fashionistas everywhere are already looking how to refashion these desirable looks on a budget. While most of the looks seen on the runway are far from reach for the average working girl, there are plenty of affordable, yet equally worthy pieces to be inspired by.

Now, of course, many people assume that the only opinion from New York Fashion Week is the lavishing garments themselves which parade down the runway; the truth is you can build a wardrobe on a working girl salary that is 20 percent designer and 80 percent mass brands consisting of many garments. Being a money conscious shopper means knowing where and what to spend money on, and not. And while it’s pleasant to have expensive garments in one’s wardrobe, it’s also wonderful to be able to put inspiring looks together without having to break the bank.

First it is not about replicating everything you see on the runway. It is more about being inspired. One can take plenty from the runway as this season houses an aver collection of flirty floral, also head-to-toe Woodstock-inspiration lends a 70’s attitude, not to mention the returning classic of the color white, which is often viewed as traditional yet utilized neutral.With all of these stylish trends promenading down the runway, it’s quite important to ask yourself before starting your search, “will this trend flatter my silhouette?” Wide-eyed from the glitter and glitz, some may have become twitter-patted not rationing oneself of what is desirable and wardrobe worthy. 1444589777fashion_artcle_2016_1st_pic.jp

A trend that has become repetitive to the spring season at no surprise is floral. You may be blooming in shock; it has become a tradition with the approaching fair temperatures. A dress featuring a feminine floral motif is by far the easiest and most inexpensive option garnishing oneself into the springtime. Incorporating floral into your wardrobe can be a minor investment bringing many options to your look. A number of shows featured floral jumpsuits, while others incorporated the trend in a smaller way, utilizing accessories and millinery pieces bringing floral interest. With looks that played up a great deal of femininity, others put a masculine defiant twist with the addition of blazers and tailored crop trousers.

While luxury fashion brand Coach seized the runway in a whole new level with the mixture of western 70’s vibes. Proving that it’s a decade that continuously gets reiterated time-after-time for its playful prints, saurian and fringe accessories paired with the soft texture of suede. A shopping list of essentials would be by far the wide-leg denim jean, daisy print blouses and also a utilitarian jumpsuit. Present these pieces alone or layer together as your personal statement. 1444590092fashion_article_2ndpic_Spring2

A trend that takes an unruly guideline of not wearing white after Labor Day to a new form is of course, the white dress. With hundreds of affordable options from department stores to mass brands, this trend for the upcoming season will find its way to your closet instantly. Rather than waiting for new arrivals start shopping now on the clearance racks where you will find a range of last season’s styles that can easily be updated with accessories from what was seen on the runway of Spring Summer 2016. Many women under estimate the color white as it is in many ways can replace the Little Black Dress. 1444590220fashion_article_3rdpic_Spring2

Despite your sense of style or shopping tactics there are always common styles at a faction of the cost, as given above. Reiterate Spring Summer 2016 on a budget and remember your best accessory is by far your own confidence.