Nothing to wear! Nothing to wear! Nothing to wear!

Well, maybe it’s because you have clothes with price tags still attached.

Most of us have a  Love/Hate relationships with our closets . They LOVE having a wardrobe stocked with clothes on one hand, yet despise never ever having anything to wear.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like to shop or think you know how.   Even stylish women have “wardrobe issues”.  We are wired emotionally and our emotions are super charged in the dressing room. We’re easily swayed by trends and what we see in magazines. Most of the time those looks are not sufficient in everyday life.

Shop Til You Drop
Time To Stop

We head to the mall without a clear strategy (What’s my signature style for work? How do I want to look when I hit the elliptical machine? Do I have a dress that will stand out on Girl’s Night Out? If you’re single, you’re probably thinking I don’t want to look tired and thirsty on the first date.)

Studies suggest we spend a year of our lives trying to figure out what to wear. 

Imagine all the time you’d save if you walked in your closet and walked out 5 minutes later with an outfit that inspired you and made you feel confident to go out into the world and do your thing.

The right wardrobe strategy will lead to a wardrobe you love, peace of mind, unstoppable confidence and an extra year of your life doing what you love.

So here are my best tips to cure yourself of ‘Nothing To Wear Syndrome’.


1.  The Vacuum Law of Prosperity:   About a month ago I donated 75% of my wardrobe. Why? Most of the clothes I currently wear are less than a year old. I had to get honest with myself, the clothes that have been sitting in my closet for longer than a year, no longer inspired me. I had to face the truth, I don’t wear them and probably never will. I think we sometimes hang on to clothes because it makes us feel secure. What girl doesn’t like walking into a closet full of clothes but if you’re saying “I have nothing to wear”. You have a serious problem. 

Learning to let go is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, for YOU. It’s good to take inventory from time to time of things, people and relationships that no longer serve you, but once you do it, it opens up a flow of good coming your way. 

If you want a closet full chic and stylish clothes that you’ll love to wear, then make room for new clothes by cleaning out your closet and creating a vacuum. The secret is to give what you wish to receive. Let go of what you wish to replace.

I highly recommend cleaning out your closet and donating those clothes to charity and watch how fast you manifest a new wardrobe.

2.  Dressing Room Do’s and Don’ts : You know when it looks good. Listen to your intuition. If she’s telling you no it’s not the right look for you. Trust her and avoid, I can try to make this work or if I find _______ to go with it, it will make the perfect outfit. Keep kinda, sorta and maybe out of your shopping equation.

3.  Know Thy Self:  Do not let magazines or commercials pursue you to buy a garment that’s not right for you. You must know your body type and don’t fall prey to what ‘s on the runway or on the mannequin.

4.  Haute Couture : What do you look good in no matter what? I find that every woman has a signature look and it’s up to you to identify it. For example, I LOVE skater dresses (if you haven’t already noticed). For the record, 50% of my wardrobe is filled with dresses. I have designer dresses, I have dresses that are casual and perfect for jet setting around the world. I have a few for special occasions, glamorous entrepreneur dresses and dresses that are perfect for ‘High Net-Worth Dating’. I think you get the picture.

5.  Style Power:  Feminine Power Mastery is something I don’t take lightly and when I created SellingINStilettos I wanted to offer my clients an opportunity to not only make their businesses a product of loveliness but I wanted them to feel confident with the right brand image. I joined forces with my partner-in-style  Catherine Cassidy for Style Power .

If you think your fashion sense is off the charts, you too can benefit from Catherine Cassidy’s Style Power.


If you’re serious about your role as a Feminine Leader and want ALL eyes on your business, I can’t rave enough about Style Power.

It’s the piece your brand image has been missing. 

In the mean time start cleaning out your closet to make room for a new stylish and chic wardrobe that you love.