Look Hot AND Save More On Your Beauty Tools!

Who says you have to buy an eyelash curler for anywhere from $3 to $5?  And why should you have to pay $6 to $25 for an eyebrow brush?  Have you ever considered getting your beauty tools at your neighborhood dollar store?  They are usually just as good as the expensive brand-name implements you’ve dropped loads of money on, but they’re much easier on your budget.  Next time you need to restock these implements, consider the dollar store.  They might not always have every little thing you’re looking for, but chances are you’ll find what you need.  Here are just a few things your dollar store probably carries frequently:

Eye tools : If you’ve never been in a dollar store before, you’ll be amazed at all the various tools they have—and they really are just a dollar!  They have lots of items that you’d ordinarily pay so much more for if you bought them anywhere else.  You can find things like eyebrow brushes,tweezers, eye shadow applicators, eyelash curlers, eyebrow razors, and more.  Sometimes you can even find these implements grouped together in packs and save even more money.

Makeup brushes :  Have you ever spent over $40 on a make up brush kit, only to find it wasn’t much better than any other makeup brushes you’ve ever owned?  Did you know you can get plenty of makeup brushes at your dollar store? Sometimes you can buy them in packs or separates, but chances are you’ll find what you need—and at a fraction of what you used to pay for them!  You can also find sponges and applicators for the same low price.  

Hair accessories :  Well, you might not be able to purchase your next blow dryer at the dollar store, but you can buy all kinds of gadgets for your hair, things like scrunchies, bobby pins, combs and brushes, barrettes,headbands, side combs, hair decorations, and hair ties…the list of hair accessories you can find goes on and on, and most dollar stores have a wide selection.

Next time you need a beauty tool, save yourself some serious cash and check out your local dollar store.  You’ll be amazed at what you can find and how little you’ll pay…and chances are you won’t be able to tell the difference between your dollar item and the one you spent seven dollars on!