“Be The Woman You Promised Yourself You Would Be When You Were A Little Girl AND Turn Her Into The Designer Label Your Customers Want To Buy.” ~ Ungenita Prevost

Ruche & Hues  (RH) is a story of ruche meets hues, where Nitya Mittal, the designer of the brand conceived the idea and Isha, the content head, joined to execute it. It’s a story of us two women from India who set out to follow their passion and give wings to what we dreamt of. Nitya dreamt of creating delicate embellished timepieces for women, and Isha joined hands to compliment and complete that vision. Today that dream is a reality! Nitya and Isha proudly launched Ruche & Hues, a flagship brand of NI Designs, in July 2015.

Ruche (pronounced as ‘roosh’) literally means ‘a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming’ while Hues (pronounced as ‘hyooz’) refers to ‘a gradation or variety of a color or tint’. We picked these words each to form a brand that pays attention to embellishments and the whole gamut of color possibilities available to us. RH is synonymous with patterns, embellishments, textures and colors.

Ruche & Hues creates glamorous embellished handbags and fashion accessories for women who love to dress up for every small or big occasion in their life.


These handcrafted pieces are aimed at bringing an instant fashion style and freshness to a woman’s look. We believe fashion and style are very innate to a woman and essential for her social etiquette. We wish to cater to this need and quench their desire to celebrate life fashionably. Ruche & Hues clutches are designed for special occasions such as weddings, cocktail gala, a celebration or simply a night out. They are made to compliment all occasion-wear gowns and dresses perfectly.

We culminated our passion for handcrafted fashion accessories and our love for fashion industry into the creation of this brand. Our story tread its path from friendship to business partners over a period of 8 years. We met in 2008, instantly clicked and formed a lifetime bond of trust and friendship. We pursued our respective career path over the next few years, only to end up cribbing and craving to launch something big together every single time. And this big opportunity came our way in 2015, when both of us had a career void and wished to fill it with something we could do passionately forever. That’s when the idea of Ruche & Hues took birth and rest is history.

This is what my partner has to say about our step to launch RH –Ruche & Hues is my answer to make local and intricate handwork go global. I always wanted to design for women across the globe, and RH fulfills that dream! India is rich in designs and handwork techniques that can create beautiful and stunning embellished products. I want to take these techniques to world through my designs. With RH, I want to bring fashion to the essence of life. And that’s why RH bags are a perfect mix of fashion with function!

Ruche & Hues was destined to be a global brand! Nitya had already started work on her own brand called Ruche and just about the right time, I joined in with my hues to this all new brand called Ruche & Hues. We started breathing designs, patterns, textures, bags, trends, and et al. At the same time capturing the digital sense of our audience in order to make RH a big name attached to embellished handbags and accessories. Today we are only beginning to make this dream a reality working on every element of managing a fashion label. Our goal is clear and is full of colors of style and stature. Ruche & Hues envisions to be a pioneer in style and fashion!

Today Ruche & Hues has already made a mark in the fashion industry. Fashion influence’s worldwide are raving about our collection.  We have made few friends and working relationships we will cherish through our journey. We are creating designs to match the fashion acumen of the fashion hungry. Each piece has been designed, handcrafted and developed with delicate and intricate handwork. Our artisans have years of embroidery skills and experience to give a face to complex design.

Ruche & Hues completes my inherent hunger for fashion. It satisfies my appetite by transforming my fashion acumen into hand-pieces that will help women compliment their evening styles. RH will cater to customers who refuse to settle for less to make their look complete and designed for the moment! RH products are exquisite and a hallmark of luxury, designed for fashion-forward trend setters!

The brand vision, to be a go-to brand for embellished handbags and accessories. Our mission is to innovate and develop gorgeous and luxurious hand-pieces to complete that look with perfection at all times.

RH aspires to innovate with each collection launch and provide impeccable designs for its consumers. Ruche & Hues is for women boasting of style and elegance. At the same time, for women who wish to complement their wardrobe with these timeless pieces.

~ Ruche & Hues