Discounts are for the mall, life is not meant to be lived half-off.

Go into your closet and remove every article of clothing, shoes, and accessories with price tags still attached.

Why aren’t you wearing them?

In the store you were confident they would work.

In the store you just knew you would make it work but now you feel it won’t.

They sit in your closet and now buyer’s remorse has turned into a closet filled with guilt.

Instead of feeling guilty, you can take action.

Ask yourself the question: “How can I make these items work?”

Women spend an average of 15 minutes trying to decide what to wear because they’re unsure what pieces work with others.

You can always give them away or return them, but there’s an underlying emotional reason to why you’re still hanging on to them.

Today, I’m going to give you my  5 steps to Make It Work Style .


Step 1: How does it fit on your body?

If it does not look like it fits, play with shape. Is it over-sized? Too long? Too short? From here you can start to tell what direction the outfit needs to go in. For example: Something over-sized would work with a belt and tight fitting pieces.

Step 2: Where are you wearing it?

It’s important to consider this in the beginning because if you end up with a warm weather outfit for a cold weather scene, then you’ll have to scrap it and start over. It is also important to consider the event you’re wearing it to and, if important to you, your mood for that day. If you are in the mood to wear something comfortable, then you won’t be your most confident in an uncomfortable outfit.

Step 3: What color is it?

It’s incredibly important to consider color because it is such a powerful element in an outfit. You could choose to be monochromatic, contrasting, or complementary with the colors in your outfit. Also, certain colors can heighten an outfit or keep it casual. For example: light washed denim dresses any garment down for a more casual look.

Step 4: Is the outfit balanced?

Once you’ve chosen pieces based on fit, event, and color, you need to look at the balance of your outfit. For example: Are you wearing a cropped square shaped jacket with high-waisted pants and casual sneakers? A heel would give you length to balance out the shape of the jacket. Once you start to consider balance, your outfits will rise to a whole new level!

Step 5: What accessories will you chose? 

Accessories can make or break an outfit through things like balance, fit, and color. For a more long and lean look, stick with longer necklaces that hit your smallest part on your torso. With balance, a good option for a sparkly dress would be big stud earrings, but an unbalanced choice would be a statement necklace.

The next time you’re in the dressing room, ask yourself “Can I REALLY Make This Work”? If the answer is a resounding no, put the clothes back on the rack and find something else.