Enter a #HotHouse (And I’m not talking about the weather)

I’ve decorated about a dozen places in my life, ranging from a 500 SF studio apartment to a  5000 SF estate, what do all my homes have in common. They ALL looked Rich.

The first step to making your house look like a million bucks is adding color. White walls are a “Fashion Don’t” when it comes to decorating my house. If you walk into my closet, it’s clearly a different story. I’ve been known to wear white after Labor Day (the nerve of me). 

I love painting my walls sand and beige hues to create a warm and inviting space.  Am I afraid of color? No way, I brighten up my space with bold art and colorful accessories.

So, if you’d like to turn your place into a model home, don’t be afraid to add color.

If you’re not sure what  color is right for your room, I’ve created a list of #WealthColors to enhance the #PoshPennista  in you!

Wealth Colors In Your Home

  •  Red is for the Posh Pennista that has a big heart and full of passion and romance.  She commands attention. She knows how to close the deal.
  •  Blue is for the Posh Pennista that is cool, calm and collective. She a true team player.
  •  Green is for the Posh Pennista that focuses on abundance in life, health and of course wealth. She’s not afraid to spend but knows how to save.
  •  Yellow is for the Posh Pennista that shines like the sun with happiness and joy. She values, who she is and adorns her home with bright and bold works of art. She profits from her passions and loves to give to charity.
  • Pink, my favorite color, comes in many hues, and represents the Posh Pennista that knows she’s a feminine goddess, desires to nurture and support, yet is full of passion and has an innate ability to be the “Chick in Charge.”
  • Purple is for the Posh Pennista that is not embarrassed to be crowned the queen, and knows she’s worth a whole lot more and won’t settle for less.
  • Orange is for the Posh Pennista that lives on the edge; she is excited, takes risks, and she knows how to balance being sensual and a girl that just wants to have fun.
  • Brown/Beige is for the down to earth Posh Pennista that walks the organic line; she doesn’t have a superficial bone in her body and prefers to let her natural beauty be the star of the show, she’s confident in her natural essence and doesn’t feel the need to compete inside/outside of the workplace.
  • White/Cream is for the Posh Pennista that embodies wisdom with a childlike spirit. She’s classy, calm, at peace with herself and filled with hope. Though she appears to be perfect, she knows she’s not perfect but knows how to perfect her potential. Her business deals are squeaky clean.
  • Grey/Platinum is for the Posh Pennista that is quiet, subdued and reserved. Don’t mistake her for being stuck up.  She’s a cool chic and is always willing to compromise. She travels in the middle zone and thinks outside the box. She is a sharp negotiator and would make a great Mediator.
  • Black is for the Posh Pennista that is bold, mysterious and likes to take chances. She’s not afraid to unleash her sexy side and stand in her feminine power. She will ask for a raise and is always ahead of the curve.

What color (or colors) resonate with you? 

Remember, home décor is a statement of self-expression, so pick colors that energize and empower you inside/outside the closet. There’s nothing like coming home to a #HotHouse.

Now get to decorating and feel free to share how you’re going to make your place look rich!

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