Own Who You Are

Yes, I’m a self-professed beauty junkie, product fanatic and vanity driven girl from New Orleans.

As young as 10 years old, I can vividly remember using my allowance to buy beauty products. Lotions & potions made me feel unstoppable!

To further enhance my addiction, I enrolled in Beauty College shortly after High School, I was in heaven. I studied the Aesthetician course.  My studies included basic skin care, with the understanding of how ingredients in products affect the skin, skin waxing and make-up application.

One of the perks of going to Cosmetology School, being able to sample hundreds of skin care products. All the high end products, like Murad, Aveda, and Dermalogica were in my beauty bag. I gained a remarkable amount of knowledge about ingredients. It was the ammunition I needed for flawless skin.

You can have beauty & keep your bank too!

Over the years, I’ve gone through many phases with my skin. When times were tough, I knew exactly how to keep my skin looking good with little cash. On the other hand, when I had more zeros in my bank account, I’ve splurged on Five Star Skin Care, Fancy Spas and Skin Treatments. What I’ve noticed, people compliment me on my skin for richer or poorer (I know how to take care of my skin at any price point). You’ve heard the stories and I’m a living example. It doesn’t cost a lot to look hot!

In fact one of my all time favorite Beauty Treatments to tighten your skin, will cost you 50 pennies.

You heard about egg whites to burn fat, but egg whites can actually tighten your skin. Eggs have a lot of protein, and while that protein is great for nourishing your body, the nutrients in eggs are also great for nourishing skin as well.

Eggs can help to treat oily skin, and reduces swelling & redness. If you suffer from acne it’s definitely worth a try.

Egg White Facial Coming Right Up!

If you were to go to the grocery store & buy a half a dozen brown organic eggs it will cost about $3.00. If you were to use 3 eggs for a Egg White Facial, that’s about a .50 cent Mini-Facelift.

The recipe is simple. In front of your kitchen sink, slightly crack open one egg, separate the whites from the yolks of one egg into a bowl & mix with a fan brush until it turns into a frothy concoction. Apply it to a clean dry face.

Whenever you apply cream or lotion to your face, work against gravity. Upward motions please, when you apply your Egg White Facial. Sit pretty for 15-20 minutes max (exceeding the time limit is counter-productive) as the mask will harden. Remove with warm water, rinse thoroughly & pat dry.

Finalize your treatment by immediately applying your moisturizer, preferably one with healing properties. I love to use lemon juice as an astringent, and if I have more time to play in the powder room. I will follow my Egg White Facial with a Honey Treatment for 10 minutes with a few drops of olive oil before my night cream. If you have oily skin, I would not recommend the oil for your skin. Another great facial for you would be the Oatmeal Facial.

It’s not permanent, but if you do it regularly you will see the effects of the Egg White Facial, tighter skin, shrinking pores and unveiling of your new skin cells (bye bye dead skin).

Girl’s Gotta Glow!

Love & Beauty,