Discounts are for the mall;life is not meant to be lived half-off!

I’ll be honest; I’ve never been one for online shopping. I never understood it. The act of walking through the mall, hearing the music play in each store, feeling the fabrics, seeing the window displays, dancing in the dressing room and walking around with shopping bags swishing from side to side is why I LOVE shopping. Also, the fit of an item is the most important part of making a purchase and you can’t virtually try on clothes. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an app for that

But back to the topic, it just didn’t seem enjoyable, practical or functional.Meanwhile, my best friend who has been the queen of online shopping for many years has been filling up her closet with the most exquisite pieces. So, I asked her what the hype was all about and her response was, “I can do it in my underwear”. As if that didn’t convince me already, she continued, “each piece is laid out equally and on a model, AND there are no people around.” I let her know I might just give it a try and asked for her recommendations on the best sites to check out. The secret’s out!

1. Nastygal

I found out about this site a bit backwards. I used to shop at the actual store on Melrose in Los Angeles, but my friend informed me that it began with the online site first. Nastygal is incredible and so inspiring! The site carries clothes, shoes, accessories, designer vintage wear, gifts, home items and beauty supplies. Every piece is very unique and they even have their own line of clothes! You can even view their look books on the site to get some great ideas. And for top tips on everything fashion, click on their blog and get lost in it!

2. Free People

The comfiest clothes on earth. Free flowing for the free spirit. I used to shop at the stand alone stores but a lot of the time, they didn’t have my size or were out of an item I wanted. Look no further, this site has it all. Their delicate intimates are to die for and their home items are so ethereal and fairy-like.

3. Brandy Melville

One size fits all. Everything in the store! For all your most flattering basics,you’ve gotta check this out. I don’t know what I was doing before I found out about this store. And you will never have to worry about finding a size that fits! Online shopping made easy! I bought a gorgeous cropped tank in about 5 colors and its been my go-to item since it hit my hanger!

4. Topshop

The grown up version of Forever21 and H&M. From basics to staple pieces, a little bit pricey but excellent quality. Their jewelry is fantastic and you can find just about any item for any occasion, even my favorite part, SHOES! Plus,they’ve got their own online magazine so you can keep up with the latest while you shop!

5. Revolve Clothing

Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and designer items. They have men’s and woman’s clothes, so you can get a little something for him while you get something for yourself. They carry 500 different brands and have been around for over 10 years! 


6. Shopbop

The all around fashion hub for modernists. A combination of designer labels and contemporary lines. Shop bop has brought it’s customers exclusive service for over 15 years.The site also has awesome look books and offers styling advice! 

7. Sephora

I already knew how addicting this store was when I would try to pass it in the mall, but get sucked in for an hour. Sampling products seemed the like the best part, however I’d always leave with a headache from smelling too many perfumes.So, I guess that’s the perk of the online store. No headaches. That and the fact that you can find exactly what you are looking for, and check out new products, without getting lost in the store!

8. Nordstrom

Before I met Bloomingdale’s, this was my all time favorite department store. And therewas nothing like getting a creamy tomato soup and Asian chicken salad at the Nordstrom Café after finishing my shopping. So, besides missing out on the dining, the online site is just as fantastic. They will always have your size,unlike the store itself. And you can literally find ANYTHING you need. And everything you don’t, but you want it anyways.

9. Tophatter

Imagine an auction where you can sit on your butt and not say a word, or tire your arm from raising your number every time you need to bid. Now download it on your phone because it also comes as an app. Tophatter is an instant, live auction that sells affordable authentic items in an average of 90 seconds! Buy and sell and buy some more!

10. Amazon

Lastly,my mom’s absolute favorite site, Amazon. She’s so hooked, she will literally buy ANYTHING on it! She even had me wondering if it had a sugar-free cocktail sauce the other day. Find ANYTHING you can think of at a discounted price. So go ahead and shop away!