What’s in YOUR Closet?

Being a Style Consultant you have to be on top of the trends ahead of the season and it is my job to bring them into my client’s wardrobes! Check out the “dont’s” and how to dress in a “DO” way this season.

1. Avoid simple jewelry

This season avoid the simple stud earrings and pendant necklaces. Instead think STATEMENT! Bold and chunky necklaces and earrings are back and better than ever with so many options out there to go with your own personal style.

2. Be bold!

If you are used to the simple/safe looks from season to season try something a little more fashion forward like adding fringe or a wide leg trouser this season to play into the 1970’s “carefree” trend. And let’s face it, everyone could use a little escape during the work week so let fashion be your outlet!

3. Don’t put away your suede just yet

Something very different happening this year is that suede has made it’s way into the warmer months of the year. The important part will be how you style it. For example, if you have a suede skirt wear it without tight sand in place of closed toe pumps throw on a pair of springy wedges.


–   Katie Schuppler, Stylist/Owner of KS Style Consulting

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