You’ll want a lemon tree in your backyard after you read this…

 Every winter, my grandmother would fleet the icy streets of Winnipeg and soak in the sun at her vacation condo in Palm Springs. When I would go visit her on school holidays, I could always expect to come back a few shades darker with my hair a few shades lighter.She always brought out a pitcher of fresh lemonade and a tray of homemade cookies to munch on by the pool.

We’d pick the lemons straight from her tree (okay, maybe her neighbors tree but shh, they don’t need to know), and although they seemed to be endless, she never let an extra lemon go to waste.   Before we’d head out to the pool, she would have me flip my head over the kitchen sink,soak my hair, and then she would douse my locks in lemon juice . I’d lay out all afternoon on the lawn chair and rinse out my hair while racing my brother across the swimming pool or having an underwater breath holding contest.


I’d always win, but that’s not the point.Where I’m getting at here is even though I hadn’t a stress in the world and I couldn’t quite understand the concept of a lemon lightening my hair yet, my grandmother had it figured out. Lemons not only make for delicious drinks, but they can get us looking pretty sexy too! Read on to learn some more tricks I learned along the way using nothing but a few 10-cent lemons (or whatever they barely cost these days).

A Citrus Treat for your Skin to Eat

Every time I pass by someone with flawless skin, I always wonder what their trick is. We all know drinking water, following a skin care regimen and not sleeping with a face full of makeup (guilty!) is said to keep our faces glowing, but speaking from experience, some mornings I look in the mirror and think ‘that’s a load of crap’. Of course, there are many reasons for that odd pimple to appear or those nasty blackheads to camp out around our nostrils, but sometimes it’s as simple as a citrusy fruit to clear the campgrounds.

Before you go to bed,squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton pad and wipe it over your trouble spots,then rinse your face with some lukewarm in the morning. You can also dab the juice straight from the lemon over a pimple to reduce its redness or rub some over age spots to fade their dark appearance. Leave it on for about 10 minutes,then rinse away. The vitamin C found in lemons is a natural way to balance out uneven skin tones.

This Little Piggy Went to the Market to Pick Up Some Lemons

Instead of going wee-wee-wee all the way home, or to the nail salon to empty out your wallet and cover up your rotten nails, give this a try. We’ve already learned that lemons are natural lighteners, so the same goes for your fingers and toes. If your nails are tinged yellow or break easily,squeeze about an inch of lemon juice into a bowl and dip those darling little fingers in. Leave them in for about 10 minutes then wash your hands with soap and water. Or, if you want, lick the lemony goodness off your fingers first. Screw manners, you’re at home, and I promise I won’t tell! And if you’re soaking your toes… well.. you better get flexible! Just kidding.

Every Kiss Begins With C, Vitamin C That Is

You won’t get the K if your lips live in chapville. For soft kisses, or just sexy smooth lips (who needs men anyways, right?) chuck the chapstick and rub some lemon on your lips . But be careful if you have any cuts or cracks though, ‘cause it will burn like hell.

A Yellow Fruit for Yellow Teeth

When those pearly whites of yours need some extra lovin’, mix some baking soda and lemon juice for an all-natural, cheap and fresh scented toothpaste . But, be sure to rinse thoroughly after 1-minute, as the citrus can break down the enamel on your teeth if left on too long.

Get Your Insides Squeaky Clean

Beautiful outsides begin with beautiful insides . Luckily, lemons also make for excellent detoxer’s. Add a slice of lemon to your glass of water or squeeze some into your ginger tea. You can also grind up the rind and sprinkle it in your drink for some added nutrients.

Relax and Invigorate Your Senses

After all this hard work of squeezing all these lemons, give your muscles a break in a warm, luxurious lemon bath. Drip some lemon juice into the tub while it’s filling up or a couple drops of a lemon essential oil. Top it off with a few floating pieces of lemon peel to feel like your living in an exotic resort. The fresh scent of lemon is uplifting and helps to boost concentration .You’ll smell lovely and feel great too!! Plus, you have to feel great to look great,so you’re killing two birds with one…well… lemon. Bon Voyage!