What is YOUR Born Identity?

I bet the first thing that comes tomind, the Bourne Identity film series, starring Matt Damon.  Great movie, but this “Pen Up Moment” is about thedirect correlation between the dramas in your head, which might be causingadditional suspense in your life.

We are all born equal, but it’s upto us to multiply what we’ve been given. How do we make the most of our“Born Identity”? We develop self-esteem. If you ask most women if they’reconfident, they will ROAR YES, but secretly their not. I know I wasn’t always.In fact, I was “In the closet about my self-esteem”. You see, Iwould put on the mask in public, but inside I was abusing myself so much, Ishould have called 911 . You know the inner dialogue that is rampant withinwomen. #NotCute

So…why do we walk around like a “damsel in distress” and depressed?  Plain and simple, we weren’t taught how to develop a healthy self-image. Think aboutit. Did you see Self Esteem 101 or Confidence I-IV on the curriculum in high school? Unstoppable,Unbreakable & Unshakeable would be right there with, sugar and spice, and everything nice. That’s what little girls are REALLY made of…

The 411 On Self Esteem

Waiting is such a waste. So let’s tackle this topic. What is the realdefinition of self-esteem? Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. High selfesteem is a good opinion of your-self and low self esteem is a bad opinion ofyourself. You might want to read that line again. High self esteem is a goodopinion of your-self and low self esteem is a bad opinion of Y.O.U… Self esteemis the corner stone of your mental health. Definitely worth being melodramatic about , it’s thefoundation of your existence & should never be underestimated. Self-esteemis critical and massive, it can make or break every little step you take. For example, it will accelerate your self-worth & you will hold your career choices and relationships to a higher standard, far above the status quo.

The fastest path to increase your self esteem is via your “Born Identity” . Most of us spendso much time trying to be someone else, we fail to truly cultivate ourunstoppable gifts and talents. Think about how happy & peaceful babies are.They are happy to be alive. They might cry because they want a boob or a bottle(no pun intended), but at the same time they are fearless & they’redefinitely not worrying about what other people think. As we grow older our confidence diminishes because of mind alteringpropaganda, causing us to lose sight of who we really are.

Low Level Thinking

Low self esteem is rooted in UBS (Ugly Belief System). Your self-image is based onhow you see yourself. Do you believe you are beautiful, sexy, smart,brilliant and kindhearted? Do you like what you see and get turned on when youlook in the mirror? I like to call it #MirrorMoment .

Low self esteem feeds your negativethinking and causes you to believe the criticism received from others. Again, ifyou have a severe case of “Worrying about what other people think syndrome” it stems from having a low self esteem. Do you speak with conviction &stand 100% behind your values and beliefs? Or, are you easily influenced &refrain from having an opinion of your own.  It’s time you see yourselfas an asset instead of acting like you’re a liability. If you spend majority of your time speaking negatively about yourself & thinkingnegative thoughts within, you are not tapping into your “born identity” .

Head Turning Thinkers

Women that permeate a high self esteem have developed the mental stamina to combat negative thinking on the inside and face their fears on the outside. There’s something to be said about self-examination in the pursuit of excellence. You LOVE who you are and “perfecting your potential” is not a foreign statement!  When you embrace your “Born Identity” and relinquish self-doubt, you are confident, happy, highly motivatedand garner a mindset for #HotSuccess.  Failing is not an option & taking on someone else’s identity is not inyour vicinity.

10 Characteristics of A Woman With High Self-Esteem

  1. You respect who you are & have respect for others.
  2. You believe in who you are.
  3. You believe you are worthy & consider yourself a valuable person.
  4. You know you are capable & recognize your strengths.
  5. You refrain from comparing yourself to others.
  6. You take full responsibility for your actions & make no excuses for your shortcomings.
  7. You are independent & would rather lead than follow.
  8. You are in control of your life & know where you’re going.
  9. You are happy & live with a glass half-full mentality.
  10. You are confident and handle challenges effortlessly.

If you want to be successful, themost important thing you can do, live large with confidence.

Beauty, Wealth & Success,


P.S. Big shout out to ElanaKluner for being Bold & Beautiful in the money shot!