Why Do Men Love Flight Attendants?

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a Flight Attendant. It seemed like a glamorous life in the skies, a “supermodel in a uniform”, out of the 9-5 box, great pay, jet setting to exotic cities like Paris, Rome & Tokyo without paying a single dime. Five Star Hotels, extra money to splurge on beauty products & fine fashion, not to mention perpetual flirting from the male species. It all sounded good to me, until my plane veered off in another direction.  The shiny veneer of glamour and excitement eventually disappeared, I found other more glamorous ways to express my creativity and be of service.

Why do you think we’re so intrigued with Flight Attendants? Based off years of traveling, believe it or not, most flight attendants are in committed relationships or married. Naturally, you’d think the opposite. Why would anyone want to date a girl that’s unavailable and sleeps in different hotel rooms, 2 weeks out of the month? Well, you’d be surprised and if you realize the level of decorum one must sustain, to put up with thousands of people at 30,000 FT, you’ll understand why I’m running with this statement. We can learn a lot about being a great partner in the sky (and on the ground) from the original “Jet Setting Girls”.

Here are 11 reasons why men line up at the gate for Flight Attendants:

1. Social skills are top of the line: With great people skills, they know how to put the grumpiest passengers at ease.

2. They are worldly and well-traveled: Who wouldn’t want a girl who is educated in the ways of the world?

3.  Time is valuable: Most Flight Attendants work 75 hours a month, so they value time and kick ankle biters to the curve.

4. Forget about “Sweating the Small Stuff”: They know how precious life is and are “Solutionista’s” at heart, you got a problem , and they have a solution.  

5. They know how to save: Everything is on the house at work, so they have extra money to spend a little & save a lot.

6. They’re flexible with last minute changes: If they are told they need to go to a different city, within minutes they’re on board.

7. Service with a Billion Dollar smile: There’s no such thing as an unhappy Flight Attendant.  If only everyone said Hello and Goodbye with a smile.

8. Their job requires endurance and resilience: When a flight is delayed or there are technical difficulties, resulting in long days or lay over’s, they know how to keep calm and carry on.

9. They exemplify “Girl Power” and know how to take charge in case of an emergency: They’re fearless and trained to step into a leadership role in a New York minute to protect you.

10. They look good for a living: Flight attendants are well groomed, and know the importance of a polished image, acting as the face of the company.

11. Ask and it is given, you don’t have to persist, if they can, they will assist.

We can learn a lot from Flight Attendants.

With qualities like that, can you see why the girls that sashay down the runway are always booked?  They’re worth it!

Face Your Fierce,