Everyone these days is too busy and feels that we no longer have time for ourselves! Regardless if you freelance, a business executive, studying or if you are working a part-time job, you surely could use a bit of help in organizing your thoughts. It’s tough to keep your to-do list straight sometimes when you are juggling life, and occasionally feel we need a Personal Assistant to help with all the emails, tweets, or just life in general. Luckily we are now fortunate enough to have smart tools to help keep us on track and save us time, money and stress. So whether it’s to organize your schedule, give you a helping hand, or just make you laugh out loud– these are the apps that need to be in your life:

Organization & Productivity


This app ultimately helps the world remember everything! It saves all your thoughts, notes, recipes, photos, and then synchronizes all your folders so you can create/amend documents on any device and know it will be there waiting for you no matter where you are. Free on iOs & Android


I love Dropbox because of its simplicity when it comes to a complex problems like folder syncing. It works on all devices, including iPhones or PCs, so you can share folders with friends or colleagues anywhere and at any given time. Free on iOS & Android


Before Lastpass I had no way of keeping track of all of my passwords, I hated trying to remember those passwords that I only use once in a while. It may sound a bit scary at first, but this app is also password-protected so you only need to remember one password to access the app – Bonus! Free on iOS & Android 

Health & Wellness


When you take on the challenge of a new weight loss plan, it’s easy to get discouraged at first! So to help my routine, I use MyfitnessPal alongside Accupedo (a pedometer app) to keep track of daily calorie consumption and how much I’ve burnt off during the day through exercise. Free on iOS & Android

Fitness Buddy

Always wanted a personal trainer but could not justify their costs, well then Fitness Buddy is for you! This portable personal trainer has over 1,700 unique exercises, videos to show you how to properly use gym equipment and keep track your progress to meet your ultimate fitness goals . So no more excuses for not going to the gym! There are two apps so I would start with the freemium version with 300+ exercises, and if you would like to challenge yourself then go ahead and upgrade to the paid version where you try 1,700+ different exercises for as low as $1.99 USD. Free on iOS & Android

Allthecooks Recipes! The social recipe app

The hardest part of staying healthy is keeping your diet intact, fitness experts always use the 80/20 rule which means if you eat well 80% of the time, then you can indulge in your favorite foods the other 20%, in moderation of course. The Recipe app’s data comes from AllTheCooks.com, the #1 community for people who cook. You will find well over 150,000 recipes to choose from, and with the use of search filters, you can find recipes based on ingredients that you want to use or perhaps even those you don’t. Free on iOS & Android



Flipboard is my “social magazine” where I can catch up on everything from my favorite celebrity gossip to the latest in tech or design. Best part of Flipboard is you can bring your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram into one location alongside your preferred news sources, as a matter of fact, practically anything you like to read or watch. Free on iOS & Android


Pinterest is great for making you look great in every way. I can get anything from beauty to fitness tips, and believe even Entrepreneurs use these boards to develop their businesses. Connect this with your friends on Facebook so you can compare boards and get some ideas for work, nights out or just killing time. Free on iOS & Android


This is when you aren’t sure what to do with that old outfit you’ve bought, this great app that allows you to sell, buy and swap pre-loved clothes instantly on your phone. It’s also a fantastic way to earn extra cash! Go ahead and refresh your wardrobe and have fun while you at it! Free on iOS & Android

Keeping in Touch

WhatsApp Messenger

I don’t know about you but I’d be lost without WhatsApp. This app is probably one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends for free, unless you are abroad then run this via WIFI so you do not accrue additional data charges. You can send practically anything from pictures to funny voice recordings. First year free ($ 0.99 USD/year after) on iOS & Android


This app is all about fun, take silly pictures and share them to your Snapchat friends, then it disappears for good – unless they take a screenshot!  Snapchat is another great way to keep in touch with friends, take funny photos and show friends what you’re up to, the message may disappear after 5-10 seconds but it will keep you laughing throughout the day. Free on iOS & Android


BEWARE! Tinder (AKA Dating Snap) is highly addictive and is a light hearted way to date which it makes dating more accessible. Also, there’s always an exciting factor as to whether you’ll find someone on it that you know or your latest crush – perhaps someone that you could end up reuniting with? As we all know, today it’s harder to meet people so Tinder makes it easier and doesn’t make you feel like you have actively signed up to a dating site, go ahead and join the fun! Free on iOS & Android