Happy Birthday To YOU! You’re about to turn 30, what are you going to do?

Entering the big 3-0 is one of the major milestones where adult responsibilities might seem a little more real, so here’s a list of awesome things to experience in your travels in your twenties.

You’re…. Worth A lot!

  1. Plan and save for a dream vacation – pick the one place in the world you must go to before you die and start getting closer to your goal to making it a reality.
  2. All by yourself – there’s something to be said about going on an adventure solo and the strength and amazing stories that come after.
  3. Road trip with someone you love – take your best friend or significant other and travel across the country and see the special things each city has to offer.
  4. Party in Vegas – go to a club on the strip, see a magic show or Cirque Du Soleil, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Enough said.
  5. Check out a National Treasure – revisit American history and go see something to remind you how great this country is.
  6. Take a foodie trip – eat your way across the country, or go somewhere specifically to experience that one great dish the city has to offer.
  7. Get an adrenaline rush – travel somewhere to specifically jump off or out of something and feel that rush of adrenaline.
  8. Take a “staycation”– discover the hot spots at home, so you can take a tourist to the coolest spots in your city when they come visit you.
  9. Find a retreat that speaks to your heart – whether finding a retreat to fulfill you creatively, or a finding like Yoga, find a getaway spending a week dedicated to something you love.
  10. Party with the masses! – go to Ungenita’s hometown for Mardi Gras and experience what it’s like to get down in the French Quarter with hundreds of people.
  11. Experience at least two different oceans – swim in the ocean of two different continents
  12. Hit up the big cities – be a city girl in the major cities and experience life in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
  13. Backpack through Europe – live out of a backpack for a while and make your way across Europe in the ultimate Amazing Race.
  14. Go to a nude beach – embrace the beauty of the human body and be proud of what you’ve got and go to a place to show it off and celebrate it.
  15. See one of the Seven Wonders of the World – this might take a little saving, but it’s definitely a must see on the bucket list of life.
  16. Get in touch with your roots – go to your country of origin and connect with the people and the heritage of where you came from.
  17. Plan a getaway with your girlfriends – Make an all-girls weekend to spend quality time around your best friends and the girls that know you best.
  18. Visit the hometown of your idol – pay homage to someone you’ve always admired and get inspired by their life, city and legendary roots.
  19. Experience a Foreign Holiday – participate in a holiday festival or just experience the joy of locals when celebrating a holiday in a foreign country and bask in the immediate camaraderie.
  20. Visit an amusement park outside of your backyard – ride a rollercoaster or go to Disneyland in another country.
  21. Eat something you’ll never want to eat again – it looks gross, it smells gross, but you only live once, so eat a delicacy of a foreign land and live to tell the tale afterwards.
  22. Get up close to a wild animal – swim with the dolphins or have a close encounter with an endangered species and experience nature up close and personal.
  23. Live off the land – travel somewhere where you have to light a fire at night and be self-sustaining for a while.
  24. Travel somewhere for a Tattoo – if you’re bold enough, take a trip specifically to get inked forever.
  25. Attend a music festival – hit up one at a fair near you.
  26. Sleep under the stars – spend a night where you can watch the universe shine across the night sky.
  27. Live like a local for a week – go off the grid and experience what it’s like to live the local life somewhere, forget tourist spots, and just be down to live like the natives.
  28. Go on a romantic getaway – plan a trip with the one you love to rekindle the romance between you and remind each other why you fell in love in the first place.
  29. Visit family you rarely see – It might be a trip to the middle of nowhere , but reconnect with relatives, and create special cherished moments between family you hardly see.
  30. Go on a spiritual journey – think Eat, Pray, Love and go on a trip that gives you the gift of having a spiritual experience.
  31. Express gratitude – say thank you to everyone that made a difference the first 30 years of your life. Text, email, Facebook, Tweet, or Pin. Do it and you will reap the benefits of gratitude…