My leopard suitcase is on the floor in my closet. Rocky knows what that means. Mom will be  shay-saying to LAX soon on one of her #JetSetting excursions .

If you haven’t figured it out, I love to travel but one of the things I don’t look forward to when I enter the airport… Eating .

Let’s face it, airplane or airport food isn’t exactly fine dining, but on those extra-long flights, a girl’s got to eat.  One of the things that I’ve learned on and off the runway, it pays to eat right for a nice flight.

Pack Your Bags…

Just in time for your holiday trip. Here are some foods you should never eat on a 767 (I like to know what kind of jet is taking me to my destination). 777’s are even better!

6 Foods You Should Never Eat on a 767 OR 777…

  1. Peanuts  – it’s real tempting to not eat these when the flight attendant comes around with the complimentary bag of peanuts. They’re a great snack, but should be avoided at all costs when on a long flight. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
  2. Potato Chips  – they might be a convenient snack to grab on the go, but all that saltiness can cause some bloating and uncomfortable moments while you’re in the air.  Watch your sodium count!
  3. Dairy  – while dairy is perishable, you never want to run the risk of eating spoiled dairy products, but it’s also the sugar lactose in dairy foods that are common causes of unwanted air (you know what I’m trying to say). This is definitely one food you should avoid on a long flight.  #SitPretty
  4. Candy  – loaded with sugar and empty calories, candy might give you an immediate energy rush, but there’s no way to work that off while you’re sitting for hours, and the crash afterwards can make your stomach very uncomfortable. As much as I love cupcakes, they are not hanging out with me on the airplane.   #NotCute
  5. Bagels/Pastries  – some girls just can’t digest wheat properly, and especially on long flights this can lead to fermentation and gas build up. Two things you don’t want to have to deal with in the air.
  6. Fried food  – it’s hard to avoid, as most airport terminals have a lot of fried foods on their menu. But anything pan or deep-fried can leave you feeling incredibly heavy and you won’t be sitting pretty on a 767.

That’s it for my 767 tips! As a general rule of thumb,  eat a healthy meal two hours before you depart, and remember to drink plenty of H20 to keep you hydrated.  It’s important to avoid eating foods that won’t mix & mingle in your stomach. You might want to also consider packing some healthy snacks in your carry –on like fruit, granola or almonds so you can snack right, sit tight and enjoy your flight!

Safe Travels,