“Oops! …I Did It Again” (YES! I danced to that Britney song…)

I shared something when I should have kept my mouth shut.

I took on a client that wasn’t a good fit.

I tried to make Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right.

I hopped on a plane when I should have stayed parked at the gate.

I said “Yes” when I really wanted to say “No”.

Perfectly Imperfect! (Relish in the lessons from the mistake)

Yes, I did it again! I didn’t trust my gut and ignored my feminine intuition.

Has that ever happened to you? You did something that is leading you to question your reasoning mind. It was full disclosure Friday, a quick slip of the tongue when you know you should have buttoned up.

Shoulda CouldaWoulda#NotCute

You feel uncomfortable and are oozing with “ick” inside.

You ignored Y.O.U.

How many times have you wanted to box and go to blows with yourself, because you didn’t trust your gut? You ignored the voice that whispered to you within and BAM! Minutes, days, months or years later, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror shaking your head, what was I thinking. Hopefully not years later, lovingly forgive yourself and learn from the mockery and mayhem.  We must, we must become “Gut Trusting Girls”.

When I pay attention and listen to the voice within, I make better decisions; avoid some of the “Ugly Stuff” & sometimes people that aren’t necessarily “Pretty ”.

Look at history and you will see women from generations ago were “Gut Trusting Girls”. So, what happened to modern feminist? Our inherent sensitivity and abilities remain as they have always been. Are we just refusing to listen? Do we no longer know what we know?

Confidence is the most fashionable accessory a woman can were!

Think about the times in your life when you’ve gotten confirmation that you’ve made the right decision because you trusted your gut.

You didn’t get in the car.

You turned left instead of right.

You stayed at home.

You crossed the street.

You asked to be escorted to your car.

You didn’t leave your drink unattended at the bar.

You didn’t answer the door.

You locked the car door.

You said no when he asked you out.

Your gut instincts probably saved your life. You’ve heard the stories on the news (Nancy Grace & Forensic Files will make a girl cease the wishy-washy inner questioning).

Feminine Intuition is not a sexy term; it’s a biological survival tool.

We each have that inherent ability to feel things intuitively which otherwise is not possible by logical thinking. It’s often ignored because it seems irrational. Intuition is not concerned with reason. It’s the part of your brain that defies logic.

Seize the moment & put it to good use.

Your gut can guide you to make faster, wiser choices and boost brain power. Beauty will have to take a back seat (for now), put your brain and mental faculties’ front and center. It’s an unconscious nudge that intensifies physically i.e. like butterflies in your tummy or unsettling nervous energy when you’re on the verge of making the wrong decision. The silent tap on your back because you’re taking a step away from self.

“Gut Trusting Girls” Signals…

The next time you get “Ugly Vibes”, pay attention. Exercise your right to use your feminine intuition. It’s a muscle just like your abs,calves, buttocks or biceps. It gets stronger with use.

When you use your gut instincts you will:

Make better career choices

Make better financial decisions

Align with more positive people

Save your life

More happiness

Better health

The transformation is unlimited.

What’s it worth to you?

To Train OR Not To Train

I talk a lot about believing in oneself and being a confident woman but something I don’t mention often and should , your feminine intuition is one with you , has your best interest at heart, knows who you are at the core and is ragging mad to ensure you make fabulous choices.

The answers are always within, if only we would hit the pause button and listen.

Make a pledge today to be a “Gut Trusting Girl 24/7, I am…!

Love, Beauty & Hot Success,