Sleeping Beauty it’s time to wake up…

As a young girl, I had dreams to fall madly in love. I had dreams to travel across the world. I had dreams to become a writer. And I had dreams to backup dance for top recording artists. In 2009, I was faced with an opportunity to have it all. I had been accepted to a writing program at a University, found the love of my life, and offered a position dancing for a leading record label. The catch?

It was all in New Zealand and it started in 2 weeks. With jet-speed force, I applied for an expedited work/study visa, sold my car, packed up my bags and caught a flight. The record label that I was working with had a powerful slogan slapped across every ounce of marketing material they produced that paralleled my belief of how one should live their life.

“Chase the dream”.

Chase , verb :pursue in order to catch.

Dream , noun :a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind.

What a motivating mentality.   We are all dreamers. We all have the ability to formulate a vivid vision in our minds of how we want our lives to be. Maybe it’s love. Maybe it’s happiness. Maybe it’s health. Maybe it’s money. But the difference between the people who actually get their hands on the good stuff,and the ones who keep their desires in their imaginations, is the act of the CHASE.Furiously, unapologetic-ally, courageously running, no, sprinting towards their goals.So, let me ask you, do you make your dreams tangible or do you halt at your sweet intentions?

“Discounts are for the mall, life is not meant to be lived half-off”

Let me take you into my world of how to stop living your life like a bad sweet dream and instead, become ALIVE! It’s time to live your life FULL OUT girlfriend. You deserve it!

Step One: Establish Your Dreams

The toughest part of following your heart is..well.. knowing what your heart wants. Make a list of all the things you love.All the things that make you happy. All the things that make you feel ALIVE.Where most people get held back from living to their fullest potential is giving into either the fear of failure or the fear of making the wrong decision. My mentality, however, is that it is better to do SOMETHING… even the wrong thing.. than nothing at all. Time will tick regardless, so you might as well give SOMETHING a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? If it totally sucks, then you turn around and try something new. Dream boldly!

Step Two: Plan of Action

Now that you’ve got your dreams on paper, it’s time to make a plan. Think of it like a recipe book. Your dream being the most delicious dessert and your plans being the instructions. What ingredients do you need to bake up some big, sweet, gooey goals? They could be anything from your friends, to more money, to a plane ticket, to an array of throw pillows. Now,what do the steps look like leading up to that glorious goal? Are they big steps, little steps, wide steps, side steps? Whatever they look like, take one at a time do it BRAVELY!

Step Three: Take Risks

It is worse to look back and wish you had done something than to regret something you did do. So DO IT! Life will always go on and life is always on your side. You have nothing to fear. Nothing is forever.If something goes wrong, you get back up and go again. But hey.. what if something goes right!? Voilà! MAGIC!

Step Four : Soak in the glory .

We always want more, more, more. But the trick to living life to its fullest potential is ENJOYING IT! Take as many moments as you can to appreciate where you are at, RIGHT NOW. Pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come. For what you’ve accomplished. And for the effort you’ve put forth!

Step Five: Do it all Over Again

Life changes, twists and turns. You will always want something new, you will always shift and grow, but if you apply the same mentality and a go-getter attitude.. you will always be chasing your dream. And remember.. it’s about the journey, not the goal. The experience of the CHASE is what makes life worth living. Bon Voyage!