Jet Setting Girl Manifesto!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sight…

“Thou shall not go to the airport looking like she rolled out of bed,” says Ungenita Prevost.I think that’s the official 11th commandment. What ever happened to the times when women would get dressed up to take a flight or travel on the train? At one point, it was something so special and rare, but now it’s become more of a hassle than anything. I think we should bring back the magic of it all. I mean, come on, we are PRIVILEGED to be able to sit on our A$$ets while this miraculous machine flies through the sky, a million miles, and takes us to some foreign place in a matter of hours.That’s unreal! It’s an event! And we shouldn’t treat it as anything less. So come on ladies, lets start a movement and make the airport our own fashion show.  As Ungenita says, “strutting down the runway is serious business, there’s no way I’m going to let TSA stop me from getting dolled up”. 

Flying Through The Hair

Planes are a breeding ground for static. That dry, stale air does wonders for your luxurious locks… NOT! Here’s the elegant solution…Serum! Keep a little bottle under 3.4 oz (trust me, don’t try it … I got ALL my luxurious L’occitane products confiscated) in your purse. Before landing, take a quick bath room break and run a small dollop through your strands to tame that mane. Smooth it out, sista! The trick is to FLY away WITHOUT ‘fly-aways’.

Glowing Skin For Checking In

Along with the dryness messing with your tresses, your skin suffers too. That’s why you need a rich moisturizer to soften you up for your flight. Keep a travel-size hand lotion in your purse to keep your delicate palms from cracking. This especially goes for your face. The night before your flight and the morning of, be sure to smother yourself with that creamy goodness. Your skin should stay plush and dewy, not snap, crackle, pop. Keep a Chap Stick or lip moisturizer on hand too.

Pretty In The ‘Port

You don’t need to look like a Moulin Rouge cast member, but cover up those dark circles, even out those blemishes, throw on some mascara, lip gloss and call it a day. I applaud you if you’re bold enough to do a lipstick.But whatever your makeup style may be, the key is to keep it looking like it did when you applied it. Forever Flawless! So, keep your makeup in your carry on and touch up before you touch down.  


Clothes The Cabin Doors

A flight at 8:00 am does not call for an outfit of pajamas. Get your booty up lady. Dress for success. Boarding a 767 should not be any different than your average, stylish day. You never know who you are going to meet on a flight, and if it’s the right person, you’re stuck with them for hours on end.Do you want your first impression to be a lazy bummed rag-hag? NO! You want to look like the fashionable, accomplished, beautiful, brilliant, sexy temptress enchantress that you are! And don’t use “but, I want to be comfortable” as an excuse. You’re sitting down on a cushioned chair and watching a movie for a few hours… not participating in a triathlon! Plus, the clothes that you wear on a daily basis should be comfortable anyways! Scratchy, picky, re-adjusty is NOT CUTE! If you’re a jeans and tee girl, find your best fit and rock it. If you’re a glamour girl, doll up! Oh, and accessorize as usual. Don’t let those flight attendants out-do you!And if you’re like me and shiver at the first blow of air-conditioning, always travel with a cute, cozy sweater or you can be like Ungenita and rock a cashmere pashmina.

Crushing The Concourse

First and foremost, YES, you can wear heels. Be mindful if you have a transfer in, lets say, the Chicago airport, aka Mount Rushmore, because walking long distances in 7-inch-stilettos will quickly turn into cranky-ville. But, with that being said, if you have a comfortable pair of heels, maybe even a sassy leather boot, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t strut your stuff. Don’t worry about sore feet; you’re not standing throughout the flight. You can even kick them off while watching a flick. If you aren’t a heels type of chick, you can wear a stylish ballerina flat or some strappy sandals. Remember to bring apair of socks to keep your toes from turning blue. But, in ALL circumstances,refrain from pulling out the dirty old sneakers. Your shoes should be a pristine platform to your outfit.

Everyone Has Baggage

We all focus on what goes IN our suitcase when, really, the suitcase itself should be just as important. It’s an attachment of your outfit. I’ve been guilty of dragging around mix-matched pieces that lived in my mother’s garage for 20 years and looked like they barely survived a tornado.NOT OKAY! But as soon as I got a black quilted leather carry-on with a matching laptop case, my world changed. If you can’t stand seeing your suitcase stored in your living room, it definitely should not accompany you through the airport. Luggage should be classy, clean and reflective of your style. And if you want to strut with smooth precision, get a 4-wheeler. Instead of looking like you’re dragging a dead body behind you, a pretty piece with 4 wheels sails with your stride.

Now you can land in style, Miss Fashionista! Bon Voyage!