When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

The election is over and it appears that the status quo has been shaken to its core and ignoring this fact is handing over your power on a silver platter to people who are choosing to bring you down instead of raising your level of awareness.

“We’re coming on hard times…”

I refuse to fill my consciousness with negativity. I know the power that lives in me.
Worry, Doubt AND Fear are three accessories that I won’t be wearing TODAY, TOMORROW or the next day..,

If you woke up on Wednesday morning wondering…”How will this effect ME?!” Join the club!

If you are mentally drained I understand. I was exhausted too, my iPad, Mac Book Air and iPhone 6s have been on heavy rotation the last 72 hours.

Negative energy is not cute. Allow yourself to feel it and vote it OUT.  

Drowning in negative emotions only deepens our sense of powerlessness. This is not the time to increase your sugar or alcohol intake. I love pink champagne, but I’m not raising my glass this week. I’m raising my sleeves and working on my own campaign BECAUSE I elected me to run my life.

My advice to you…DO something physical – get to the gym, work out hard, dance to my
Girl Power remix the point is to be fully in your body, moving your muscles and breaking a NASTY sweat. Not only will it make you feel SEXY it will produce a SEXY mindset too. I vote for clarity instead of chaos.

This isn’t about whether you feel like doing it or not (you may not right now)…just do it. If I needed an emotional detox, I know you do too.

Make no mistake about it, it takes unstoppable courage to deal with the ugly stuff…AND to make empowered choices as you move forward.

Remember our paths are never straight.  And it may seem like we are going backwards, around, sideways….Your PERCEPTION is everything…if you believe it’s your birthright to be a success then the results of the 2016 Presidential Election are not going to stop you or trump (no pun intended) what God put you on this earth to do.  

I’m choosing to use this as a glamorous wake-up call because regardless of who won, the Feminine Empowerment movement will not be stopped. Destiny’s way is seldom straight.

And let us not forget that ultimately, no matter what seems to be happening, that you always have a choice as to how you respond. Beautiful thoughts will always create more BEAUTY…Anger, fear, doubt, and judgement will create more of the same… choose how you respond carefully.

We each have a personal glass ceiling of beliefs that are soooo worth breaking through. It’s NOT the time to try on or buy ‘Someone Else’s’ beliefs.

The YOU that you blossom into in the process is the woman who is trapped inside right now dying to escape so she can LIVE OUT LOUD.

Do we know what the future holds..?


AND guess what we never did but we got through it. I’ve always taken an active role in creating my destiny and never relied on the government to dictate what I wanted to do OR who I wanted to be. Times have ALWAYS been tough (as far as I’m concerned…).

I grew up in the projects in New Orleans, landed in the foster care system at 15 years old and the state of California handed me my walking papers at 17 ½ years old. I know firsthand what it’s like to be Homeless, Jobless, Car-less, Parent-less, AND Cash-Less. I have experienced every financial hardship you can possibly imagine in the United States of America. Was I disappointed? Absolutely! I often wondered (back then) why was I handed such a lousy deck of cards (not anymore). 

Did it make me HATE America or white people NO!?

Because at the end of the day white people helped me just as much as black people. That’s what I call equality!

Not to mention…I learned how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges, and how to strive for excellence despite being labeled a statistic. 

And Frankly…

I understand the value of voting and the freedom it represents but on an intrinsic level it NEVER mattered to me who was in office because I always had $hit to deal with (let me be politically correct)…

Making money

Paying taxes




Health insurance 

No politician can solve ALL our problems so I say this to YOU and ALL the women in America (pretty) please use your voice for GOOD.


If you don’t agree with government policies learn how it’s structured, raise your political IQ and get all the facts (that’s what I’m doing) so you can vote intelligently and not emotionally.

Let me reiterate…get all the facts. Don’t rely on one source, find two or three reputable sources before you make decisions about your future.

It’s one of the reason I started this site…to show YOU how to be MORE than a pretty face.


I want to show you how to use your intellect, creativity and femininity. When I tell you to put your phone down, stop taking 1000’s of selfies, reading mindless material and focus on income producing activities. It’s because I know you’re not where you want to be and doing what you’re doing right now is not going to lead to a lucrative life.

I want you to be in control of your future and not worried about your finances. Most of what you read and see online is designed to dumb you down and maintain a ‘sheep existence’. If you want MORE, you have to be MORE and do MORE.

You know darn well your power doesn’t come from an outer authority, it comes from within YOU.

So if you’re feeling like a damsel in distress then it’s time to stop hiding and do something about it.

If you’re boiling mad and standing there with a side-eye or your hand on your hip then it’s time to give voice to your style of leadership.

If you’re sad then remember that within your courageous heart lives your dreams, your desires and you can choose not to let anyone tarnish your vision or like Marianne Williamson eloquently says “dim your light’.

Own your power now. EVERYDAY. Not just when it’s time to vote, it’s easy or trending on social media.

Finally, I’m not expressing a political status…who knows maybe I’ll run for office in 2036.

But we must stop horrifically attacking people on social media because they’re pro-Trump, stop rioting and stop spreading fear, doubt and worry.

This is OUR Country AND at the end of the day GOD is the ‘Commander In Chief’…

What you bring into your life should be worthy of a standing ovation. If not…it might be time to close the curtain.

Girl For President,

Ungenita Prevost


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