“Clothes and shoes can be placed on layaway, but dreams and goals should never be ‘bagged up.”

Girls are from Venus and boys are from Mars. Girls play with Barbie’s, and boys run them over with their cars. Actually, first they freeze them, rip off their heads, and then strategically place them behind the tires of their parents’ SUV. True story. But despite my brother and cousin’s evil plot to destroy my dolls, I have fond memories of them. I collected four. Barbie, her hubby Ken, her sister Skipper, and her BFF Midge.  What else could a girl ask for? She had a container full of clothes, shoes and accessories and drove a super sweet convertible car. Although there is controversy on whether or not Barbie is a bad influence on young girls’ body image, I never really paid any attention to that.  She mostly just inspired me, brought me happiness, and helped me grow my imagination.

Friends Are Forever

Barbie taught me about friendship.  She had Midge, Skipper and Ken to hang out with.  I learned about the importance of sharing and not leaving anybody behind. I learned about dating (oh yes, Barbie and Ken went on many hot drive-ins). I learned about sisterhood between her and Skipper. And most importantly, I got to play Barbies with my real life friends, so it was a bonding experience. Together, we learned all about collaboration.  

Fashion Fever

Although I used to scream and cry when I was in my stroller and my mom would push me past a shoe store without going in. (Yes, I was a shoe addict since I was a toddler), I do believe that my true passion for apparel grew from Barbie. Being able to pick my own clothes didn’t always go as planned, but dressing Barbie in whatever and whenever was an exciting experience and gave me independence and creativity. It was my own little mini styling session. Shoes, bags, jewels and dresses. Hello little heaven.

‘The Hair Salon

Brushing and braiding Barbie’s hair was just as important as putting her clothes on. I learned about self care and grooming. I also learned that what you cut, does not grow back… or at least for a doll. Unless you got that grow-the-hair-back-Barbie, whatever it was called, which I did not have.But, it was a great lesson learned because I didn’t make the mistake on my own hair. Or at least not that year. I got to play with different hairstyles and I became a pro at tying Barbie’s and Midge’s hair together. I don’t know. I was weird. 

Playing House

The only plus side to chores growing up was getting a sticker if I did a good job. However, it became a hobby with Barbie. I learned about the different roles of a household and how to be a caretaker. I would play-wash dishes, set the table, do the laundry, and take her dog for a walk.Okay…it wasn’t exactly a dog it was more like a beanie baby that was double the size of her, but you get the point.  I also learned about caring for your family members and tucking your little sister into bed.  Sometimes I would have Midge be the next door neighbor and they would meet in their garden to play and talk about Ken. Oh, Ken was of course Barbie’s sexy husband who would come home from work and enjoy dinner with her.

The Career Woman

All in all, Barbie was a boss! I don’t think I had all of her job uniforms, however I had a few. She held a plethora of certificates and a degree in nearly every field. Barbie taught me that as a woman, I can be anything I want to be. Whether it be a doctor, a superstar, a vet or a firefighter. Now that I think about it, that’s probably where the sexy Halloween costume ideas came from. But that’s beside the point. Barbie was a strong, independent, sexy, smart and well-rounded (no, I’m not talking about her bust, although she had a pretty nice one) female figure that could do whatever she wanted! If that’s not something to be inspired by, then go buy yourself Thomas the Train. Barbie rocks and every little girl should have the opportunity to have one!


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