Why should you invest in a relationship that is not delivering huge returns?

One of my all-time favorite books/movies,”He’s Just Not That Into You” from the minds behind Sex and the City, is the ultimate guide to setting standards when it comes to falling in love. 

Have you ever given it your all in a relationship and realized it just wasn’t good enough. He’s just not that into what you do. He gives off the sign that he wants you around (sometimes) BUT he’s not 1001% in.

We have to stop making excuses for less than stellar behavior. I’ve been there, done that and vow to never do it again. If a guy is just not that into what you do, or better yet, YOU, it’s not your job to justify his actions or to figure out why. The best thing is to bow out gracefully and box those lessons for next time. Take it from me, kicking that emotionally unavailable guy to the curve might be hard, cry if you wish, but after you wipe the tears and sweat it out in the gym. Another Mr. Right Now will be waiting in line,vying for you.

Here’s The Caveat…

If a guy isn’t that into you today, it doesn’t mean that he won’t get a clue and be into you tomorrow.  Sometimes guys need space, so back-off and let “bygones be bygones.” Sometimes, a little time away might end up shifting your perspective on things, too. I remember dating a guy in my early 20s that I thought was my “Perfect Match,” well, fast forward 10 years later, and I shake my head, “What was I thinking?” I could have definitely used a little more beauty empowerment back then.

Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we want a guy to like us so much, only to find out later on that he wasn’t all that anyway. Sometimes NOT getting what you think you want undoubtedly will lead you to get what you REALLY were looking for all along.

1. If he calls, it’s one of the first signs that he likes you… *Please note texting doesn’t count,he has to pick up the phone.*

2. If he asks you out on a date, he’s interested in getting to know you…

3. If he consistently pursues you and like clockwork, sets a time to get together, he’s definitely into you…

Be Honest With Yourself

When a guy is just not that into what you do or you. How does it make you feel?  Are you mad or sad? If it’s not right, why fight? Forcing something to work that’s defective to begin with, is a recipe for disaster. Remember, like attracts like, if you stick around for anything less, it might be time to explore healing within. The more you value yourself, the less inclined you are to settle for less. Embrace the word~ NEXT!