Here’s How You Outsmart YOUR Smartphone

The wearable phenomenon is in full force. From glasses to smart watches to full phones on your wrist, they’re everywhere so you cannot miss out on what the latest wearable gadgets are. Almost all of them have one thing in common: smartphone apps. But there are a lot of other aspects that vary between them, which can make choosing your perfect device a bit of a mission. To help you out, we’ve chosen four new wearable gadgets that should be on your Christmas Wish List:

Misfit Shine & Sleep Monitor

Shine does everything all the other fitness bands do but only better, and it is fashionable compared to a lot of the other bands. It uses points to easily measure and track all of your activities, it is 9g in weight and no bigger than an average coin. What I love about it is that it’s waterproof (to 50m) so it’s fine for wearing it in the shower.

The Shine app is a very simple yet effective way of monitoring your daily fitness activity. The app also presents information on the amount of steps you’ve taken, calories burnt and distance covered in a single day or whole week. On top of this, it allows you to track how many hours of deep sleep you’ve managed to get during the night. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, this is the one for you.


This is a handbag practically any woman with a smartphone can use. It’s a stylish handbag that keeps your phone charged on the go with an integrated smartphone/tablet charging pocket so you can charge your phone without the wires.

Each Everpurse has a charging dock located at the bottom of the bag’s pocket. You just drop your phone in the pocket and it begins charging. The purse will fully recharge overnight when placed on the wireless charging mat. No more missing out due to a flat battery.


Pebble is no ordinary wristwatch – It’s not only a watch, it also alerts you to calls, voicemail, and text. There’s a vibrant community so you can also customize with watch faces and apps to suit your personal style and interests. It’s the customizable smartphone companion that’s widely supported by Android and iPhone devices.

When connected to a phone, you can receive a vibrating alert to text messages, emails, incoming calls, and notifications from social media accounts. It can also act as a remote controller for the phone, or for camera apps. Due to its long-lasting battery life, Pebble blends in to your day to day activities without slowing you down while you’re running, cycling, or just going about your busy schedule.

One thing you’ll find with Pebble is that you’re less attached to your phone because you won’t need to keep picking it up to see if you have a message – Pebble will tell you when you do. Another great feature, you can change your music tracks even when you’re in the shower!

MOTA SmartRing

Mota SmartRing keeps you updated with calls,texts and social media with vibrations from your finger. The new and improved ring lets you live your busy life whilst still being able to keep up with your social media and what’s important to you.

MOTA SmartRing is easy to use, all you need to do is swipe from screen to screen to find out what notification you have from all your social networks. You can even assign specific vibrations for certain people or messages, so you know who or what it is without looking.

This year has seen manufacturers flood the wearable technology market with hundreds of fitness trackers, smartwatches and other devices so now’s the time to get one of your own, what will yours be?

Love & Tech,

Nathalie Pellegrini