Kardashian Klass is now open and today’s lesson is ALL about YOU.

It‘s shocking how quickly an intimate encounter transforms into a shark jumping monstrosity. What’s even worse is how inflated fame is polluting our minds and diminishing our feminine power. 

Let’s face it; we are living in a financially obsessed society. It can’t be vital to our growth to fixate on what someone else has in their wallet. Shouldn’t we be fixated on finding innovative solutions, to stuff our own? Not to mention, when fame is acquired with no skill or intellect, it sends the message to young women that using your back, is far more valuable than using your brain.

How empowering is that? 

Are we ready to wash our rights down the drain? Do we wish to revert back, sit pretty and rest on our laurels? I will be the first to admit that I too was confused by the phenomenon and popularity of the Kardashian brand.

  • Is being easily hypnotized cute?
  • How did this happen to our culture?
  • Is this the new face of girl power?

I took it upon myself to dissect the Kardashian brand to see why 20,000,000 young women (and men) are glued to Instagram and Twitter to watch what they say and what designers they’re jet setting around the world wearing.

What you do with inspiration is as important as the inspiration itself.

We must realize, these girls are not rags to riches. They were born with silver spoons and dashed around the elite since they were Tweens.  A famous father, a famous step-father and a “Platinum Rolodex” filled with the who’s who of 90210, long before they signed the contract with Ryan Seacrest to sashay around Calabasas primping & promoting for E Entertainment!

$100 Million Dollars later the obsession has exploded and rivals British Royalty, Bona Fide Movie Stars & Sport Icons.

Does it matter?


We make & influence 85% of purchasing decisions, so it’s important that how, and why we spend our money is scrutinized from time to time.

Furthermore, it’s important that we pick and choose our role models with a fine tooth comb and emulate actions and crave lifestyles that are inflated with substance!

I too have guilty pleasures, but I put them in a pretty little box I like to call, perspective. Sit pretty & ponder this.

Does it matter what Kim, Khloe or Kourtney are wearing?

Who they’re dating?

Who they marry?

How many babies they deliver?


What was on the sex tape or not?

Does it matter or bring meaning to your life?

We are still skirting around the economic crisis in this country, 44 million Americans are uninsured, 1/3 of Americans between the ages of 18-34 are living back at home with their parents and many homeowners are still dealing with generation “F”.

  • Are the Kardashians going to solve ALL of our problems?
  • Are they going to bail us out?
  • Are they going to be there to help you put food on the table, find a job or place to live?

I think NOT!

So, I ask you to put the fever and fascination into perspective. You can admire (and I will too) the beauty, the glam, the fame, the gorgeous hair, the hot bodies, the hot houses, the hot wheels, the endorsement deals and the cash in their wallets.

Be mesmerized & imagine stepping into their Louboutins all you want, BUT at the end of the day…

What are you doing to create a bigger and better REALITY FOR YOU?

Love, Beauty & Success,