Dashing Through The Snow ByYourself Is… #NotCute

But, looking 'Thirsty' is not an option!


1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate.

It's always been a tradition for me to be snuggled up with a ‘ Distinguished Gentlemen' come December.For some reason, the odds are in my favor after Thanksgiving. In fact, my lastthree serious relationships started in December. I'm so darn sentimental,between my birthday and Christmas, it's the perfect time of year for me to fallin love…so I thought.


Now that I'm on the other side of the equation, I avoid the mistletoe at all cost .Let's face it, when you start a winter fling. Your mind starts conjuring upscenarios that will make you crazy, regardless if the eggnog is spiked or not!

I’m Not Psychic But I CanRead Your Mind…

·          Do I introduce him to my family?

·          Should he escort me to the holiday party?

·          Should I buy him something for Christmas?

·          How much money should I spend on him?

·          If he doesn't give me a gift should I throw him out with thewrapping paper?

·          If he doesn't introduce me to his family, does it mean we're notserious?

·          If he doesn't invite me to the holiday party should I be upset?

 Been there, done that…I’m a girl that relishes in the lessons fromevery mistake. If you’re not in a long term relationship, right about now . Those questions will cross your mindsooner or later. Let’s face it; wedon't have to deal with such shenanigans on Easter, around the 4th of July, orLabor Day for that matter.

How can such a cozy time of year haveyou twisted like a chocolate covered pretzel? If you're wondering how toavoid holiday dating disasters, here's what I recommend.

  1. Commit toYOU and do not cheat on your #ManFREEdiet, until January 5th. If you’ve been a little naughty and nice , you still deserve a gift. Getyour splurge on, one year I booked myself a trip to the spa (nice way to mend abroken heart). Organize a ‘Secret Santa’ with your girlfriends. The goal hereis to wrap yourself up in fun and avoid moping around because you’re single.
  2. If you'vebeen dating someone for less than 60days , take the pressure off yourself and the relationship. This is a hardone, but I’m going to say it to you, like I say to myself, lay low on theexpectations. If you feel like buying him something, make it something fun andunder $50. BUT… (With a capital B) don't get mad if he JUST text you Merry Christmas with a smile .
  3. If youfall head over heels for someone after December 1st, slow your roll sister, letthe butterflies settle and go out on a few dates. Don't be up in his 'Holiday Business' and see how you feel onJanuary 5th, because Valentine's Day isJudgment Day …lol. You can always tell how a guy REALLY feels about you on 2/14.

Hey, I've had holidays that made me feel like I was in a Winter Wonderland ,and then the law of polarity kicked in and my script flipped. The tears werefalling faster than the snowflakes. So much for being a hopeless romantic. Abroken heart on December 15th is not cute. What I've learned, goslow even when your heart is in overdrive, back off if you’re not getting anyreciprocation, and if you're sentimental like me, be patient, don't settle for the guy that's not yourSanta Claus, just because …AND DashThrough The Snow Solo All You Want! 

You Are A Present!

Love, Beauty & Success,