Are YOU Armed With The Skills To Embrace Change…?

Every time my boyfriend stays over, I wake up to a room full of pennies, dimes, quarters and nickels. No, he didn’t leave it for me to pay for the night. Get your mind out of the gutter! Plus, that would be worth millions. Hehe, just kidding. Anyways, it took me a while to figure out why that always happened until one day I was at a juice shop with him and watched what he did with his change. The cashier handed him back some amount of cents and he chucked them in his coat pocket. I started to laugh and pulled out his wallet to notice there was no place for coins. In fact, most men’s wallets are built this way. You can imagine how many things he buys throughout the day and in return, his pockets keep piling up. By the time he gets home and takes of his coat, the coins spill across the floor without us even noticing. Needless to say, if you don’t have an efficient way of handling change, you’ll end empty pocketed and scattered. So instead of being a coin-bucket boy, be a Louis Vuitton and learn to manage change like a leading lady!




Since the 30’s, women have been holding the iconic Louis Vuitton purses and to this day they have been noted as ongoing innovations. Louis Vuitton mastered carpentry at the age of 14 and built up his brand beginning with crinoline petticoats into being a leading force in fashion. When traveling and voyages began to boom, Louis Vuitton took advantage of this movement and created the first modern luggage; the Flat Trunk and the Mini Trunk. This lead into designing more suitcases, accessories and custom luggage. By being able to adapt to change, Louis Vuitton has managed to stay far beyond afloat and progress extensively throughout the years.  Take charge!


Life hands us a tip jar full of change. Every time you think you’re heading in a certain direction, you’re sure to look around and notice you’re on the other side of the street. I read a meme the other day that said “being an adult means looking both ways before you cross the street and getting hit by an airplane.” The older we grow, the more we realize how we can’t control everything, as much as we want to and think that we can. The safest way to not crumble like an over-baked cookie when change comes around is to always expect it. Know that it is a part of life and no one is exempt. The more you start to understand that change is inevitable, the more at ease you will feel when it comes around.


Acceptance is key. Just like if someone gifted you a Louis Vuitton or some Jimmy Choos, you wouldn’t turn your back and run away, you’d open your arms and take it in with a smile! Be grateful for it and take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. If you let it happen instead of fighting it, make way for the miraculous. Even when the change seems negative, heart-wrenching, or stress-accumulating, remember that everything happens for a reason and life is always in your favor. If you can imagine your pockets full of quarters, you have two choices; either you concentrate on the coins weighing you down, or you focus on how much money you have. Same goes with the other type of change. Hone in on it making your life richer. Transformation is powerful so let it be, let it beeee (insert Beatles vocals).





Life is what you make of it. We’ve all heard that before and I have to admit even I am guilty of brushing it off my shoulder, but if you really think about it, it is so true! You can take change and let it make you miserable, or you can be a free-spirit and fly away with its twists and turns (How many roller coasters are you riding?). When you learn to enjoy everything life has to offer, you suffer less, stress less, cry less, wonder “why” less and stop wanting to pull your hair out every time it comes around. How many times have you been bored with your life and wanted more? Well…Here is what you asked for on a Swarovski platter. Take it and run! Change is an opportunity to do something NEW! New is always exciting! Of course it can be scary and nerve-wrecking at times, but accepting it, allowing yourself to be a bit freaked out, and then enjoying it as life’s little gift is the way to go! Handle change like a BOSS and reap the rewards via your bank account!