Learn how to accomplish those goals in an hour!

Hey there Posh! Juli here! I know that you are a “Posh on a Penny” kind of a girl and your 24 hours are important to you, just like wearing your favorite brand out on a date or to the office.

But being careful of how you select vital pieces in your closet to wear is as important as how you theme your days. I want to share with you how to theme those days like how you color coordinate your pieces in your closet.

Gone are the days you have to manage everything that allows you to micro manage anything in your life. So what am I talking about?

From the moment that I arise I know exactly what I will be doing for that day. I organize my schedule so that I am better able to achieve and get a task or goal done by that particular time frame.

Now I know that life can be unpredictable like the trends, but the good thing is because you know what you want to get done, it’s far better to work toward what you need to be done on a time frame than none at all.

Every Posh girl knows how to accomplish her goals.

So Posh, let’s get right into it, schedule your days for specific themes.

Each day is a theme day. I schedule a specific task to be done.

The thing is when you theme your days you are better able to grow your business, focus more on what needs to be done, and create more balance for you to attend to other pressing things that need to be accomplished for the week.

Girl, theme those days for your goals.

I am breaking down my example of how I theme my days and how you can do so as well. You can create this template to be used via a spreadsheet, sticky note or where ever you feel comfortable, even if you are a Paper Planner Posh Girl.

On Mondays, I will dedicate 2-4 hours on scheduling my content. This means that I will use Hootsuite for the day to schedule my content for the week or even for the month on my social sites where my audiences are. Your business might be different so like me you could take this day to take the stock count or attend to your accounting.

Tuesdays I focus on my business, I keep track on what is working in my business via a spreadsheet on my client base, who I need to follow up with in terms of making a sale. But Posh, in your case, this can entail creating or adding new services based on your market research for adding value to your customers.

Wednesday & Thursday I focus more on me, which could take the form of educating myself on various trends, networking or even doing courses.

On Fridays, I focus on creating my content for my blog post and in your case putting together styling tips or a wardrobe. This is the time I did research on what my ideal clients were talking about and I saved them in a spreadsheet for future references.

Posh, ready to reach your goals as well?

Now Posh, see how easy it is to theme your days? Why has this worked for me? I’ll clue you in: when you have a million and one tasks to attend to, I know how overwhelming it can be to check off those time consuming to do lists.

So to make it easier, it’s so much better to theme those days by what you need to accomplish for the day, week or month.

Now that you have an easier way to attend to those goals for the week, this can also allow you to break up those tasks that you would also want to outsource to someone who is stronger in accomplishing that task for you on your behalf.

Remember posh you have the same 24 hours as everyone else, use your time wisely and don’t do everything yourself!