Girls With High IQ’s Have More Frequent Flyer Miles

It’s time to play #JetSettingGirl!

Perhaps, you’re tired of sight seeing in your city and wish to expand your horizons more than 77 hours away. You have visions of sashaying down the runway and boarding a 767 (or 777) for that matter, BUT you wish to avoid experiencing turbulence in your bank account.

What do you do? Take your B12 on Sunday and sit pretty on Monday.

I’ve played the game many times before (and still do).

One of the perks of playing #JetSettingGirl is learning how to travel in style, without short changing your savings account.

So, if you’re asking.

  • What’s the best time to book a flight? 
  • Does it pay (I mean save) to be a “Travel Detective”?
  • Can I still get a low fare with ALL the fare increases?


I’ve got you covered like a blanket in First Class.

One of the major advantages to doing your “Jet Setting Homework” and an altitude of research~ in advance, is that you’re perfectly positioned for lower fares, in a New York minute (one of my favorite places in the world).  A general rule of thumb is to set a base price for your airfare. Then, around 7 weeks prior to the date you want to fly, start looking for smart fares. 

For holiday travels, in 2012, research showed that when booking for Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel times of the year, the best time to buy was 14 weeks prior to the day. 

Looking at flights around Labor Day for Thanksgiving, it might be worth it to “Save Yours”.


Don’t think about putting it off to the last minute, either. Be a Woman Of Action! While you might be able to score a fabulous deal on an international site, booking a day before you leave, for all domestic flights, the worst time to buy was anything less than 11 days before departure. They’re preaching to the choir, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars, 14 days in advance.

While it’s smart, to start your most precious projects earlier in the week, it’s a brilliant idea to focus on flights too.  Most airlines publish their sales on Tuesday morning, so you’ll be the first to preview amazing deals from all the major airlines.  Then sometimes if you’re lucky (I like to call it Airline Karma), in some kind of domino effect, other airlines will lower their rates by Tuesday evenings in order to compete.  Then, fares usually sashay back up during the weekend. In some rare occasions, some airlines will discount rates up to five percent lower than standard fares on Saturday and Sunday.

Since most of the weekend shoppers have visions of vacation travel on their minds, they tend to be more flexible on dates, so they’re willing to wait for a smart fare, so it is less likely you’ll see the deep discounts compared to the ones released earlier in the week. Do not open your wallet on Saturday or Sunday, unless it’s for an emergency.

So there you have it, I just showed you how to increase your “Travel IQ” and your Frequent Flier Miles.

1. Take Your Vitamins

2. Book 7-14 days in advance

3. #SitPretty on Monday

I would love to get my hands on a smart fare to Paris right now. I have the perfect red dress.

Keep your travel dreams alive!

Beauty, Wealth & Success,