“Inner Beauty Is The Ultimate Currency”

There are those days where your hair swishes in the wind and there are those days where the head of your brush breaks off in your tangled knots. Some days we feel unstoppable and others we just want everything to stop. Even within one day, we can walk out of the house feeling fabulous and then by five o’clock we are fat ugly hippos… or so we think. So how do we get out of this cycle? Is it possible to feel beautiful full-time?  Here are some spectacular pick-me-up tips for when you’re feeling beauty-blue.


Several years ago, Queen of Confidence Ungenita Prevost sold an incredible audio series of 101 beauty affirmations, so she knows a thing or two about the power of talking pretty. She has a ritual every morning before she even brushes her teeth! “The Mindset Makeover is serious business” she exclaims. The only thing that gets in your way from believing you’re beautiful is your own mind, so kick that sucker to the curb!


You can either write your own personal affirmations or find a few of your favorites online and say them religiously to yourself! It may feel funny or fake at first, but practice makes perfect. So speak it into existence!


The other day, I cleaned out about 1000 loose pictures and organized them into a few different photo albums. I pulled out some pictures of myself where I look truly happy and beautiful and taped them to my wall and one on my bathroom mirror. It reminds me every morning of great times and the beauty and joy that is innately in me. There’s something about being reminded of who you truly are that makes you feel instantly beautiful! Pick a few of your favorite photographs of yourself and put them in a place you’ll always see them or somewhere easily accessible.


Light a candle and draw yourself a warm soothing bubble bath with some essential oils. If you want to unwind, a few drops of lavender will do the trick or for something more invigorating, try eucalyptus oil. Do an exfoliation scrub and shave your legs while you’re in there so you can feel smooth and sexy once you get out. Put on your favorite lotion or coconut oil and enjoy your own silky soft skin.


The feelings of achievement and confidence you get when you tick off your tasks is always a beauty booster. Even if it means doing your laundry, cleaning out your closet or sending those emails you’ve been sitting on, get them done! Write a list of the things that you want to do today and just take it one step at a time. Each to-do you check off, you’ll start to feel a sense of happiness and freedom.


This seems sort of a ‘duh’, but it really does work! Make yourself a delicious green protein smoothie or a big healthy salad and feel the great benefits of treating your body right. When you feed your body beautifully, you will feel a sense of reward and in return, feel more beautiful. Plus, there’s something special in preparing a wonderful meal for yourself. Also, get your body moving. Even it is just a morning stretch routine to get out the kinks or a run around the block, your body will thank you. A huge part of feeling beautiful is knowing that you are making the effort and putting in the work.


I love a good seaweed peel and mud masque. Pull your hair back, throw on a headband and start with a good cleanser. Apply the peel or masque and scroll down your favorite Tumblr page or flip through a fashion magazine while it sets. Get inspired by other beautiful and artistic images. Once it’s dry, rinse it off and apply a great moisturizer. Keep your hair pulled back so you can show off your glow all day long. Plus, a good ponytail always makes you feel elegant and feminine.


Dressing up doesn’t have to mean a little black dress and 6-inch stilettos… although that never hurt anybody (I’m mean Ungenita). Pick out an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Whenever you are feeling a bit beauty-blue, dress the part…. Fake it ‘till you make it. Once you see how fabulous you look and feel in your favorite outfit, your mindset will shift and you will notice how stunning you really look!


Whether you get them done at the salon or polish yourself at home, doing your nails always makes you feel like a lady. Put on a color that inspires you and enjoy the process of treating yourself. While your nails are drying, listen to some upbeat music or catch up on your favorite sitcom… anything that makes you feel good. When they are done, decorate your newly dolled-up fingers with some delicate rings and darling bracelets.


Some people may say it’s wrong to use makeup to make you feel more beautiful, but let me explain. Makeup is meant to accentuate your features. If you aren’t noticing how beautiful your eyes are, put on some mascara and watch them pop! If you never realized how luscious your lips are, apply a bright red lipstick and voilà! Makeup lets us feel glamorous and sometimes that just does the trick!


Last, but not least, use the mirror to your advantage. Observe yourself in a full-length mirror and swipe away any judgment that comes in your mind. Try to truly observe yourself as just what you are. A bunch of beautiful shapes and textures. If your mind starts to wonder on “oh but my belly is so fat and my arms are too big”, switch your focus to “but look at my great legs and my luscious hair”. You get to CHOOSE if you feel beautiful and that is so powerful!