“STOP IN THE NAME OF SELF-LOVE!”- Ungenita Prevost

I sat at my breakfast table this morning before my audition thinking about all the reasons why I wouldn’t book this job. Now let me tell you, this is a step forward from the usual conversation with myself. I normally come up with as many excuses as I can about why I CAN’T make the audition. My arms look way too fat. I’m too short. I forgot how to dance. I have no energy. My hair is too thin. My nose is too big. My stomach isn’t flat enough. I look hideous in this outfit! Why would I even put this on! I’m gonna get cut first round. I shouldn’t even waste my time. This all goes on for about 10 minutes until I tell myself to SHUUUUTTT UUUPPP!! And then I go, and make it to the final round. Or I get cut. But whatever, I went! And that’s what matters most.

I grew up very confident. I had a mother that would always compliment me and support me in expressing myself in whichever way I choose. I was always one of the top players on my teams, excelled in dancing, did great in school, had a lot of friends and even more boyfriends. But after time, life gets to you. Whether it be a failure, rejection, a $hitty boyfriend, losing your job, financial troubles, family problems, betrayal, breakups, fights with friends, or any of the other trillion things that gets us down as we grow older. Each setback takes a toll on your self-confidence. But that just means we have to work 10 times harder on getting it back! So.. as Ungenita says,

“It’s time for a mindset makeover”! Here are trusty tips that have always worked for me to bounce back from that nasty self-talk like a trampoline!

Get Listed

This may seem mundane, but write down things you love about yourself. Make a list of all the accomplishments you are proud of. Sell yourself, to yourself! Write down your special skills, what you are good at,what makes you unique, what people have always complimented you on, and what makes you proud to be you! Then read the list over and over again and post it on your bathroom mirror so you can read it again the next morning! Sometimes seeing something written down helps it soak in a bit better.

Memory Lane

It’s so easy to forget all that we have done. Society has influenced us to always look for what’s next, but sometimes it’s just as important to REFLECT! Look through your childhood memoirs. Dust off those trophies. Read those recommendation letters. Pull out those love letters you received on Valentine’s Day. Look at photos of times when you were so present and happy! Let yourself be nostalgic, and then BRING BACK that incredibly confident girl that got lost inside of you!

Combat On

Every time a negative thought comes in your head, kick box the hell out of it. I know it is easier said than done, but even the act of ACKNOWLEDGING that it is JUST a negative thought means you are well on your way.Realize that these beliefs are not reality, they are the twisted little troll that lives between your ears. And she deserves to get knocked between her ears.


Get Movin’

We all know that exercise fills our body with endorphin’s and makes us feel GREAT! The same goes for getting that little voice in your head on your side! Once you exercise, you start to feel good about yourself, which results in POSITIVE self-talk! You don’t have to torture yourself in the gym,even just a long walk in the fresh air can give you wonderful feelings of accomplishment. Treat your body well and your mind follow.

Healthy Eating

What you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body. Spend time to prepare meals you love. Develop self-control to stay away from the foods that make you feel icky and bad about yourself. Afresh fruit or a big bowl of salad is always a good replacement. Once you get your eating under control, you will realize how much of an affect it has on your confidence. A healthy body, inside and out, equals a healthy mind.

You are Getting Sleepy

Okay, this last one may sound a bit ‘hoopdy doopdy’ to some of you, but take it from the biggest critic around, it works! Hypnosis is an incredible way to influence your mind and the power you have over it. There area ton of great apps you can download on your phone so you can fall asleep to it or play it on your drive to work. Anything from confidence, to negative self-talk, happiness, or even a “perfect audition” which, yes, I listened to this morning! Give it a shot, it won’t hurt. And remember, YOU ARE FABULOUS,don’t believe anyone (even yourself) who tells you otherwise!