This was the BEST YEAR EVER… OK, no need to be overly dramatic.  It was a year filled with SUGAR, SWEAT AND TEARS.

I ate more cake than my waist line wanted me to.

I hit the gym hard to not only keep the pounds off but sweat out all the ugly stuff that I felt at times.

I allowed myself to cry when things didn’t go my way.

THANK GOD it’s closing out, right?  But before it does, let’s give thanks and re-cap all the BLESSINGS and LESSONS you learned. I’m sure you learned something.  I’m sure you perfected your potential… even more .

AND if you’re like me, you are ready to step into your POWER in 2017.  So let’s close out the year, keep on releasing what needs to go, so you can step into your True Feminine POWER.

POWER is a big word you will be hearing a LOT from me from now on, because to me, it embodies all that you are.  When you accept who you are and ALL you have to offer, you will not look to outside sources to make you feel POWERFUL…everything that you need to do what you want is already inside of you. When you start trusting YOU, following your intuition…you will beam with POWER.

How beautiful is that?????

You don’t need power, you ARE POWER.

Get the difference?

So to Celebrate and Close out 2016 in style, I have created this video for YOU.

Watch it NOW!

Beauty, Wealth & #HOTSuccess,



Are you ready to rock Feminine Leadership?

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