“Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, some girls are made of sass mixed with a whole lot of class AND brash.”  ~ Ungenita

It’s a girl! Bring out the pink jammies, pink wallpaper, pink slippers, pink blankies, pink stuffed animals and pink play toys. My parents did it and I bet yours did too. Pink is the universal color of girlyness, but do we subconsciously know that there is so much psychological power that goes into the color pink? Numerous studies have proven the positive affects of adding a little pink into your life. No wonder why girls are better than boys, wink wink. So what is it that is so powerful about this color?

Pink in Practicality

As I was doing some research on the subject, I let my mind wonder to the pinkness that has surrounded me recently and how it has affected my being and my mood. I quickly recalled a recent encounter with my closest girlfriend’s house in Canada. I was back home (oh, if you didn’t know, I was born in Winnipeg) for my very best friend’s wedding and I stayed for a few nights before and after the events at her mother’s house, the house I nearly grew up in until I moved away, the house that I call my second home.This house is always so comforting and familiar to me, but I could never really figure out why. It could have been the smell of freshly baked bread, or the soft over-sized couches and carpets, but then I realized… it’s the color!

The moment I walk into this house, every cell in my body says “uuuuhhhhh….mmmmmm” and relaxes into a state of tranquility. Now let me tell you, the entrance way to this house is PINK! Pink pink pink! So pink that we even had an entire conversation about it the other day. Her mother was saying that she wanted to revamp and repaint the house, but her husband would not let the pink paint go. Good call papa! He must instinctively know the power of pink!

Adding the right stroke of pink can transform your emotional world. Each shade has its own special qualities. Depending on your own specific needs, you can infuse more pink in your life through clothing, accessories, decorations, paint, accents, office supplies,kitchenware and more! Hue knew!?

Make Me Blush

The paleness of blush holds sexual implications.With the soft undertones of this hue, blush plays the role of a nonthreatening color. It offers sensuality, but has an absence of vitality and passion.

Roses Are Pink

Valentines day is saturated in roses. Sure enough, rose pink is the sign of universal love. Surprise your special someone with a rosey gift to let them feel how much you care.   Or hey…even love yourself up and pop on some pink. Rose has the power to unify and build relationships. Maybe that’s where the term “rose-colored glasses” was conceived. It is a feminine color, which allows the opportunity to be extra intuitive. This hue also holds a grandness of maturity. Sounds like a dreamy relationship.


Salmon in the Sea

With a hint of orange bringing in its own energies, salmon is the flirtatious color. No wonder it makes the best plate for a dinner date. It can also indicate a sign of timid love. Just like those boys that used to drive us all crazy, this hue has the tendency to create all talk and no play. I’d be cautious with this one, seems a bit shady.

Orchidn’ Play

Just like the 90’s hip hop act (Kid n’ Play, if you didn’t catch my drift there), orchid is original and unconventional. The lavender-like hue supports individuality and encourages folks to do their own thing. It teaches us to not conform and develop the fearlessness to be unusual.Channel your in-orchid. Be ‘or-chid’ at heart. (Okay… I’m done with the corny puns for now).

More than a Fuchsia

Similar to rose, fuchsia gives a greater sense of maturity. But unlike the passionate, head-over-heals lust and affection, this hue brings out a responsible love. A love that is controlled and balanced. It builds a safe haven for nurturing and assurance within a relationship. The blend of blue and deep pink generates confidence and inspiration.

I guess color can really transform a girl’s attitude.

Shall we get to pinking?