The Sexiest Steps Across A Sidewalk To #HOTSuccess…

 An honest conversation with a close friend last night put me on blast about my most recent “relationship” with a man. Of course, when we truly look at an issue in our life, it usually stems from something WE are doing wrong,regardless of if we like to acknowledge it or not. Normally, I hold high standards for myself to always walk through life with integrity. Both in my business life and my personal life, I try to practice what I preach and always stay in alignment with what I say I will do.

But sometimes we find our unforeseen faults sneaking around in the creaky shadowed corners of our everyday lives. I’ve been mindlessly cultivating my own love-life dilemmas and didn’t even know it. Turns out, even though I have a mean strut in stilettos, when it came to men, my catwalk didn’t match my talk…

Imagine your life like a trust fund. Every asset encased in your reserve is a collection of your sexiest qualities, and I’m not talking about your perky ta-tas and your lifted booty… although those can’t hurt.I’m referring to the thing that draws MEN and MONEY in as strong as manifestation: INTEGRITY. The ability to honor yourself and your word in all alleys of your livelihood. Be the GRANTOR of your own TRUST FUND and create a security for everyone that crosses your path.

Watch how your life will change.Think about the people in your live who you love the most. The people that you always want to be around, always want to work with, always want to talk to, do business beside, learn from, laugh with, and be like. They all have one thing in common… you TRUST them. Now, imagine what opportunities you could create for yourself by BEING one of those people. It’s really THAT simple.

Who better to talk on this topic then Miss Inspirational herself, Ungenita Prevost. I asked for her thoughts and she chirped some wisdom my way . “When you are SINCERE and do what you say, people are more likely to TRUST you and RESPECT you. They’ll want to get to know you and UNDERSTAND what you’re all about. It will TRANSFORM all your relationships.So S.T.R.U.T.” Well, I’m familiar with strutting, I mean, I’ve got shoe-racks full of strutting devices, but she was referring to an Acronym here…

S incere

T rust

R espect

U nderstand

T ransform

The sexiest steps across a sidewalk to success. Try saying that 5 times! It’s all about “Walk the Talk”. Let’s break it down… (Give me a beat! Sorry.. had to go there.)


The most attractive quality in a person is authenticity. The ability to truly be yourself and say what you mean brings a liveliness to your being that makes people feel at ease when they are around you. Be comfortable and confident enough with yourself to BE that with everyone you meet. That means saying how you feel, not being a people pleaser, saying NO when you need to, and always being genuine in your interactions. If you say you will do something, do it.Follow through with your commitments and lead with heartfelt intent.


“I’m human, you’re human and we’re perfectly imperfect which is carte blanche to make mistakes (and let them fuel you to be better), but when it comes to meaning what you say, if you can’t keep your word 100%, aim for 90%, okay, if that’s too high, 75% is as low as I’ll go,”Ungenita laughs while laying it out for. The way to build trust between someone is always bring sincere to the best of your ability. As Americans, we all grew up in a society that encouraged ‘saving face’. Although polite, the downfall to this is it creates a sense of mistrust. I say, it’s sometimes easier to hurt someone’s feelings (or have your own feelings hurt) than to be untrue. In the most courteous way, say what you mean and mean what you say.


Aretha Franklin said it first (okay, maybe not first, but definitely best). Live it at the top of your lungs. To get respect, you must give respect. It’s an accumulation of being sincere, trustworthy and constantly considerate. Respecting yourself is a huge piece of it. Just like the saying “you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves”, same goes for respect. If you whole-heartedly respect yourself and ACT accordingly, then people will see you and treat you with the same regard.  


One of the biggest cravings of womankind is to be understood. When people have a great respect for you, they do their best to learn who you are and what you are all about. And it goes both ways. If your efforts are always to dig deeper for under standing, you will find yourself having much more authentic connections and greater appreciation for people. A win, win!


Within love and finances (two of my favorite topics), STRUTTING can give your life a very sexy and successful renovation. “People buy from people they know, like and trust. If you get a reputation for being too relaxed, it might trickle into your business affairs,” Ungenita reminds me…and in terms of love, if you want relationships to incline and the studs in your life to see you and treat you with the utmost respect, “S.T.R.U.T.”. Walk with integrity and be mindful where you may be inadvertently slipping. Be firm and fabulous. And remember, there is always room for improvement!