Today’s #Lucrative Lesson “Make Rich Decisions” ~ Ungenita Prevost

If you read my piece ‘How To Look Fly…On The Fly’ …you know how we feel about jet setting around the world with pretty luggage (how about we make that a hashtag? #PrettyLuggage ), BUT I’m afraid this time around we’re going to have to burst your style bubble.

Oh, no she didn’t.

Okay, so here’s the deal; traveling in style is great, but you have to be smart and think about the signals you’re sending looking all glamorous on the runway and the jet way . No…I’m not contradicting myself, but according to the Travel Gurus, high cost # Pretty Luggage is often a target for thieves. Learn how to KEEP IT cool, calm and COLLECTED.

Fly OnThe Fly Solution

Here’s where the empowering part comes in. You can pack your pretty bags all you want BUT have a ‘Jet Setting Strategy’. Even Ungenita, shared how she scored a beautiful Betsy Johnson gold luggage set and when one of her glitzy and glam bags didn’t roll off the carousel at Las Vegas Airport she panicked and thought maybe this might not be a ‘Rich Decision’ .  How about I save this for trips to San Diego or Santa Barbara that don’t involve a 767 or a 737 for that matter (Happy to report she sashayed out the airport with her luggage).

Here’s How To Stay Armed With Your Bags…

1. Take the bling, bling to the overhead bin. Don’t check it, so it’s with you all the time. Plus, it should be piled with your work ‘cause the hustle never stops. Being thousands of miles high is no excuse to snooze for a Boss! Pull that laptop out of that pretty purse or unzip it from your cute case. They say keep the good things close to you…same goes for luxury luggage. Plus, how could it say “I’m stylin’ while you’re snoozin’”if your suitcase is stuck under the jets. Cabin cruising is where it’s at!

2. Make your large suitcase black or brown, stylish yet inconspicuous . Think little black dress for your luggage, it’s chic, stylish but fits in with every occasion (every destination all over the world). You’ll be hot and sleek,but not “Hey look over here! I have something for you to steal!” Experts say that a high quality case (i.e.a super sexy designer bag) often equates to expensive items on the inside. So hide your golden goodies in something a little more modest. It’s like your best kept secret.

3. Strut your stuff to baggage claim, if you should have to check your pretty luggage, sit as close to the front as you can, so you can exit early and be at the baggage claim faster than we can say the affirmation “I’m a Jet Setting Girl Traveling The World Living The Life Of My Dreams Meeting Beautiful People”. The early bird catches the worm… or the sneakiest thief. Beat them to the punch and pull off your suitcase in pride. Keep your eyes peeled on #Pretty Luggage predators. They’ll be the ones scoping out the scene like a desperate bar-hopper.

4. Fly private…if you’re saying “What you talkin’ about Elana?”. Let me beclear #1 it is a viable option, #2 you should be thinking BIG anyway#GOALDigger So get yourself a golden ticket! Stretch out your legs and stay away from stealers! It’s not only for celebrities and presidents; it’s for high-profile Jet-Setters like you. If you want it, believe it…and you will (one day) see it!

5.Monogram obsessions… if you’ve ever watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Atlanta or New York, those ladies can fill a store with their monogram bags . If you’ve treated yourself to Louis Vuitton or a Coach bag or two (nothing wrong with that) it’s a beautiful bag indeed. Again, be mindful of the message you’re sending out to the world #PrettyANDPaid don’t leave it unattended…check it in early and like I said sashay off the plane quick! (You should be sitting in First Class anyway…Girl’s Got GOALS!).

Don’t be afraid to be Pretty, Smart & Successful at that airport too!