“Taking your time to do your hair, makeup & dressing up is not superficial,  in my world it’s called Feminine Power Mastery.”

The 21 st century woman is a freethinking feminist who won’t let a guy carry her bag because “she can do it herself”. Sound familiar? Ever since I was younger, I was lead to believe that femininity was a sign of weakness. Remember that awful recess banter, “you (fill in the blank) like a girl”? Um, excuse me jerk, I can throw better than you! And I’ll knock you out after, then step on your lunchbox. No, just me? Anyways… we learned that we were damsels in distress if we ever asked for help and we were sluts if we showed a little leg.


This always lead to us feeling the need to prove ourselves, prove our strength, and prove our dare I say it, masculinity. Well, I, along with Cleopatra, am here to tell you F THAT BS. Oh…which reminds me, “speak like a lady”… barf.

They say that life will put people in your life to teach you lessons. Well, recently I have been coming across men that in some form or another have claimed that I am “too much of a dude”.  In fact, my ex and I got in an argument in regards to me being “too much of a boss”. While I was flattered at the recognition, I started to wonder why that was such a bad thing? Isn’t it super sexy to always be a boss? Don’t men want a self-sufficient woman? In to which my ex replied “yea, but not ALL the time!” Touche.

Cleopatra knew the power of her femininity and flaunted it like a goddess to get what she wanted.  She had powerful men wrapped around her pinky and women precisely modeling themselves after exotic hairstyle and pearl jewelry. She carried an air of elegance, confidence, sensuality and wisdom. She knew that softness didn’t equal weakness and strength came from being secure within herself.  She truly mastered her feminine power.  

So.. how did she do it?

Although there is debate over whether Cleopatra was actually aesthetically pleasing, no one will argue about if the girl had brain or not.  She spoke an array of languages, was educated in philosophy, mathematics and astronomy , and often had tea (or whatever they drank back then) with scholars. She took initiative in being as smart as the men and was respected greatly for it. This allowed her the leverage to be as feminine and free flowing as she wanted to be. Cleopatra spoke with a melodious voice, alluring and irresistible to all the ears it landed.  She was elegant in her speech and men found this incredibly desirable. She didn’t have to speak harshly, demandingly, or aggressively to get what she wanted. Cleopatra just stood in her purest form of feminine expression.

Wooing men came easy to Cleopatra. Sometimes it was conveyed in the boldest of forms. She truly knew how to make an entrance and a lasting impression, especially when the intent was to form alliance. When Julius Caesar was at the palace in Alexandria, after Ptolemy, Cleopatra’s brother, had kicked her off the lot, to say the least, Cleopatra snuck her way back in. But this queen didn’t do it any normal way, oh no! This is Cleopatra we are talking about. She wrapped herself up in a carpet and convinced the workers to smuggle her in to Julius’ room. Fast forward a few moments later, his jaw dropped, they made out, yada yada, poof, a baby. Oh, and an extremely secured and prominent ally.

Later, she pulled another mesmerizing stunt when she met Mark Anthony in Tarsus. Dressed up like Aphrodite, she cruised in on a gold barge with silver oars and purple sails, being fanned by cupid-dressed escorts with a trail of sweet incest following behind. If that’s not a feminine power move, I don’t know what is. Needless to say, she once again captivated him and got her way.

Cleopatra’s extravagant escapades wouldn’t have been as effective, however, without having mastered her feminine power. She had a deep understanding and awareness of the divine energy that existed in her. In fact, it exists in all of us, but we just need to learn how to tap into it. Become in tune with your intuition, sensuality, emotions and creativity and you will start maneuvering through life in a whole new, inspiring way. Your own unique beauty amplifies when you become more confident and trust and cherish yourself as a woman. And the ability to receive makes you even stronger. Yea, I know, you can do it yourself, but isn’t it nice when you can lay back and relax once in a while?  Enjoy it!